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    getting ready for the V8

    just bought a motor to start my v8 swap. looking for any pictures or recommendations of what I may need to do prior to starting. I want to get everything together and ready before I start. this is an 84 and going with a 1970 302 from a mustang. Starting the motor rebuild next week any info...
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    drive shaft angle after lift

    Anyone running a 3 to 4 inch lift tell me what your drive shaft angel is after the lift and how it's running with that angle. did you shim the axle or drop the rear of the trans or ??? Looking at the angle on mine and wondering what everyone else has and if there have been any issues with it.
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    LED Lights finished

    Just got the BII on the road, lighting is finished. All LED now except the head lights. bought some halogen replacement lenses and they looked good but function was in the toilet so I went back to the sealed beams. I'll have to work on that. here are the pics (sorry for the glare but what do ya...
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    2.8 EGR plate Torque spec

    Anyone know the torque spec for the EGR plate to intake manifold? had a bad leak and needed to replace the gasket, now can't find that spec, nothing in any of my books. thanks
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    instrument cluster wiring diagram

    I've been looking all over the web for the wiring diagram for the harness at the instrument cluster on the 1984 BII, Any one have that? finding everything else but that. building a new gauge set up and need to reuse some of the old wires and a diagram would be extremely helpful thanks
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    Timing marks question

    I just did this today, same questions I had. there are faint marks on the balancer, I had to clean paint off it with some steel wool. that yellow mark should be TDC once you clean it good and find the marks you should see... large cut (TDC) then 4 tick marks then 12, 3 more tick marks then 20...
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    Picture requested please

    here are a couple pics, just finished this up tonight. look on my build thread. http://www.broncoiicorral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135020
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    No Distributor

    That's great. glad to see you got it going. Have fun on the trails
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    Picture requested please

    doing mine now, I'll put some pictures up when I get it finished. might be a week or two
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    No Distributor

    I would see about going to a junk yard and finding the parts first or query on the forum to see if you can get the distributor and get it running before spending extra money on the duraspark conversion. what all is missing besides the distributor? is the wiring cut up? hard to really say what...
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    Removing smog/air pump

    if you're pulling the motor anyway, do a v8 back in it. (think about going with another motor all together). that being said... presuming you're doing the duraspark conversion while you have the motor out removing all the excess wires and vacuum lines and keeping the 2.8 for your truck, removing...
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    84 BII misc parts interior and exterior

    since starting my build I have extra parts left over. like to see them get used and not pitched so here's a list, most of these you can look at in my photos, came out/off the truck when I bought it and have been stored in my garage attic since. just need to clean it up. front seats (no bracket...
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    gray interior panels

    looking for gray interior panels from 89/90 BII. I need all the panels and trim plates front and rear. don't need the door panels.
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    Picking up my next B2 Project

    after paint and interior some pics of the finished paint and interior
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    Picking up my next B2 Project

    body and interior work here are a couple pics during the body and interior work