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    Shocks needed

    KYBs on mine, very good shocks and around $35 each.
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    Front Seats Great Condition

    Do you still have these seats? Can pick up, am in Long Beach.
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    New heads for my 1987 BII

    I replaced my head gaskets and intake manifold gasket last weekend, had the same issue on my '90 Bronco II 2.9. When I took the intake manifold off, I noticed the bolts on one side were very loose and I am hoping that was the cause (leaking intake manifold gasket). It would lose a liter of...
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    Perfection! Rebuilt injectors.

    This was at performance injectors. They list on Ebay, and I just noticed they upped the price a bit, but still a great deal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Bosch-Fuel-Injectors-Set-for-Ford-6-0280150710-Flow-Matched-in-the-USA/192779592309?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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    IDFK What's going on with my 2.9l. Starts and runs fine when cold, when warm it jerks and starts with misfire... sometimes.

    Having read this thread, and having only very limited experience working on my own '90 Bronco II, some thoughts: I also rebuilt my injectors with new seals but that did not help anything; then got 6 rebuilt injectors for $59 delivered (ebay, company called CS performance as I recall) and that...
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    NSS location ? - 1990 FORD Bronco II - need expert help !!! - wont start

    Could it be that switch that shuts down the engine in case of an accident, that needs to be manually reset (inside cabin I believe)?
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    Perfection! Rebuilt injectors.

    I just went for the stock Bosch injectors and the stock throttle body is on it. I would stick to how the engineers designed it. At $60 for 6 rebuilt injectors delivered, I would try this first before experimenting, personally. Did wonders for my truck. Good luck,
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    Surges and loss of power when hot.

    I am not sure whether your year truck has the OBD I diagnostic capability (my '90 does) - if it does, I would get or borrow at AutoZone or what have you, a code reader. The instructions are a bit complex, but if you follow them to the T you will get codes and this will point you in the...
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    Front Bumper for 1990 Bronco II

    My '90 has the same bumper as yours, including the plastic insert. LMC Truck has them I believe.
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    Perfection! Rebuilt injectors.

    After buying my '90 Bronco II (2.9 EFI V6) here in southern California last October, an original survivor with about 130K miles on the clock, I finally ironed out the various issues, and it's a very good feeling! When I got it, it ran very poor when cold and only so-so when up to operating...
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    Missing vacuum line.........

    I just checked and I was wrong, that third line doesn't go to the charcoal canister but to the climate control/AC 'box' bolted to the firewall on the passenger side. So to recap, 1 line is from the intake manifold (where the vacuum comes from), one goes into the wiring loom on the passenger...
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    Missing vacuum line.........

    Yes there is a third line on my '90, from memory I think it goes to the front, to the charcoal canister that sits next to the radiator on the driver's side. Not sure though so hopefully others will chime in. I can check at the end of today.
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    An easy fix I found was Permatex flowable silicone, see other post on this. I applied this to my dried out and cracked seam filler above the doors, that were letting a LOT of water through and it soaked my passenger carpet every time it rained, and it's totally cured now. This avoids having to...
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    Water on passenger floor board.

    According to Permatex site technical information, it is Polysiloxane which is the more technical term for silicone.
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    Water on passenger floor board.

    Sure: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BKEBO0/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_wMRcEbS2G9HTQ