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    A4LD problem.....

    I do believe I have found my 3-4 shift problem (or lack of). The shift cable has never been "right" so I tried to adjust it with the procedure for the same general year of F150. By being "very" careful of the needle position it will shift thru all four gears, up and down. I believe it's still...
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    A4LD problem.....

    Time for an update to this thread......took out the governor and cleaned it up (it was a bit sticky) re-installed and it was "better" but not right. I replaced the valve body with a refurbished one and that fixed a number of shifting oddities but I lost OD and the 1-2 and 2-1 shifts still...
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    Gas smell after driving

    Start at the motor and follow the fuel line back to the tank.......might be the sending unit gasket at the tank or an OLD hose leaking. Have it running (wheels chocked to prevent an accident) while you look.
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    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    I would tell Ford to pack sand.....I'm not buying a one year old vehicle for retail price.
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    AL4D Does Not Shift When Cold

    I've got one on order........patience, Grasshopper.
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    AL4D Does Not Shift When Cold

    Mine does the same thing......an A4LD trait from what I've read.
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    To V8, or not to V8

    It sounds like the B2 is pretty much junk? I would put the 351 in the F150......If you like the challenge of cramming that V8 into a B2 then have a ball. I have done numerous things that didn't make much sense just because I wanted to.
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    alternator amp output

    I was doing some reading on the subject and found everything from 65 to 85 amps listed as "stock". I would use a 90 or above for an upgrade.
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    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    No front pics except with the camo gear........I'll have to take a gander at it when they come out later this year.
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    rear window swap

    I would guess not.......hinges and all that stuff. Swapping the hatch would be much easier.
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    Random starting issue 1990 bronco2 2.9l

    Fuel pump would be a good place to start....when you turn on the key can you hear the pump whine? It only does it for a few seconds. If it doesn't check the fuses and connections. If a pump change is in order I would suggest making an access door vice dropping the fuel tank. The wiring can be...
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    Acceleration Issues

    Good air cleaner? Clean carb? Sounds like a fuel air delivery problem to me....That should have one of those goofy feedback carbs I believe. That's where I would start.
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    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    I want to get a good look at the 2022 Maverick............supposed to be based on the Bronco/Escape chassis with four doors and a small pickup bed. Base model priced under $20K.
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    Random starting issue 1990 bronco2 2.9l

    What was your method of checking for spark? When no spark is seen at the plug start working back till you get power where it's supposed to be. It sounds like a faulty/dirty connection to me. They can be difficult to locate.