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    Oil Pan Gasket Replacement without pulling motor

    I removed the oil pan once without jacking the engine up , by laying on my back , sticking my arm up in the pan and blindly unbolting the oil pickup tube strainer from the pump - then you still have to twist the pan around to get it off . I wouldn’t want to even attempt to reassemble it that way
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    Shades of Tan?

    Help! Can anyone tell me how many shades of tan the Eddie Bauers came in? I’m slowly replacing all my maroon red interior with tan where I can find parts - but it’s getting weird - the pieces don’t match !
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    86 heads

    That is why it’s vital to replace those junk heads that crack if you sneeze on them - once you get water/oil mix the engine will be toast soon - the bearings will be gone shortly. I’d skip the machine shop expense and just can the heads - but first is the bearings still good ? Does it maintain...