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    86 Throttle Body

    Anyone know if I can order an OEM replacement 86 throttle body? I have an 87, and understand that the 86 TB is larger. That said, all the parts sites seem to sell the same throttle body for all years of the 2.9, so I cant' be sure if I am getting a larger one or not! Is it possible to order the...
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    Where to hide a sub?

    I'm looking for a good place to hide a small sub-woofer in my 87 Eddie Bauer. Any ideas? I really want to keep all the cargo space available so a box or tube won't work for my needs.
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    Large tires on factory wheels

    I have an '87 Eddie Bauer and I want to keep the classic look of the stock wheels. I believe they are 15x7. Reasonably speaking, how large tire can I put on them? How large are they even made for this wheel size?
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    Tint color on 87 Eddie Bauer

    Whats the deal with the rear window tint on the 87 Eddie Bauer's? Looks gold to me, but not sure if its just picking up the tan interior I have? Also seems to have a bit of a mirror quality to them. I ask because I want to tint the driver/front passenger windows, but want them to match as well...
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    Good car cover?

    Any recommendations on car covers for an 87 B2 with the metal sideview mirrors? My B2 will be in outdoor storage most of the time, so want to protect it when not in use. Would like one that fits properly, then protects from the sun & other weather. Anyone have this one from Jeff's Bronco...
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    Just acquired a 1987, ready for resto & upgrades!

    I am excited to be part of this forum, and more excited to get started on my 1987 Bronco II Eddie Bauer Edition. My first car was a 1987 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer, purchased in 1993 with about 70k miles on it. I drove it through high school and collage, before giving it to my sister and buying...