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    Overhaul (?) Mechanic needed in SoCal! =(

    Hey @Moms89 ! I might be a little out of the way for you but depending on the extent of your repair might be worth the transport up north. If not, I do know some very well reputable shops in Southern California area that specialize in classic fords and broncos specific. Let me know If you would...
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    Ocd Fabrication & Our Bronco Build

    Yeah me too! I always wanted one and when the wife said she wanted a truck I jumped into finding something I love and she would love. And it worked out perfect. Its fun having her ideas added with my logic and making it a very capable rig. We have so much fun in this thing and plan on building...
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    Ocd Fabrication & Our Bronco Build

    Whats up Corral! My name is Jason, and I've popped in here from time to time for help, advice, and some cool builds. So it was time op make an account to have conversions with the real people involved directly to the Ford Community. I own and operate a Fabrication Shop here in Northern...