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    Tail Light Lens

    For a 1986 Bronco II is the exterior surface of the tail light lens supposed to be glossy or satiny? Thanks
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    Heat/AC Controls

    Will try to attach what I have found. Appears this is part of a fitsall wiring harness. And switch is shown and not identified. as part of the rear window defrost circuit -- which I do not have. Thanks for your help
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    Heat/AC Controls

    Don't know its function. Just finished swapping a 4.0 for the 2.9 and the 4.0 had a working AC so trying to get it hooked up.
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    Heat/AC Controls

    I have the same diagrams, does't show my switch or wires. Micro switch has premade mount and looks like it belongs there. Thanks
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    Heat/AC Controls

    Bronco II 1986 airdoor control has cam controlled micro switch on bottom of lever pivot. My micro switch is broken and I think I have a source for a new one. one wire was attached Orange#14 what other wire do I need to complete this micro switch? Thanks in advance for your response. Rob
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    Dash Lights

    Recently completed 4.0 swap into my 1986 BII. Now dash lights only work when door is open! Donor was 1991 Explorer, retained 86 headlight harness. Thanks in advance for your response. Rob