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    AC kills engine at stop lights.

    Has this happened while you were driving or in the car? If it hasn’t, then maybe you're tryin to fix something that ain’t broke.
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    Bronco II Front drive shaft

    As far all getting one off another rig. A4LD and Fm146 are longer assembles and won’t work. I’m unsure about the C5 model, but I believe it is shorter.
  3. tw205

    Bronco II Front drive shaft

    Looking in my barn I found one. It’s off an 85 Bronco II with a FM 145 transmission. I have swapped a Dana 35 front axle in it and the driveshaft will no longer fits my setup. I’m willing to part with it. Let me know if you want it. However you should be able to have any driveshaft shop make you...
  4. tw205

    Bronco II Front drive shaft

    I would check with Broncograveyard. They don’t specifically list the front for the FM145 but their listing for the front for automatic is not correct either. They reference it as a GKN but it’s not. Give them a call. It could just be misprint. I believe these shafts come directly from the...
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    1986 B2 head gasket?

    Good work! Check out those sockets I was talking about. I replaced a diff cover on my friends Chevy and half the bolts were so rusted and deformed I couldn’t get a wrench or socket to fit them. I bought a small inexpensive set of them and they worked perfect. Can’t believe I never had a set...
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    1986 Eddie Bauer

    Needs some sweetpatina patina sauce on her. First generation are the best. https://sweetpatina.bigcartel.com/product/patina-sauce
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    1986 B2 head gasket?

    When trying to get the plug off, us a closed end wrench or a socket. 6 point only. It gives more contact and will be less likely to round off the bolt. If it already been rounded off you can get sockets made for removing rounded hardware. Us the correct size tools for the hardware you are trying...
  8. tw205

    1986 B2 head gasket?

    Overfilled is not good. If you need to get some oil before fixing the drain plug, remove the oil filter and install a new one. There should be at least a quart in it. Fire it back up to fill new filter then shut it off and check oil level.
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    87 B2 wont start when cold outside.

    Nice find. Heat expanding and cold contracting is likely why there were temp related issues. Thanks for updating us on your success. Too often a tread just dies without the resolution included. Good work. 👍🏼
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    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    It’s a redneck shop. It’s got roll up and sliders on both doors but the slider is missing on one. Don’t ask me why. But there is cold beers in there.
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    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    You can never have too many spare parts.
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    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    You are correct. Mine is a first gen and has never been on YouTube. I have posted the axle upgrade on gab group Bronco’s are us. But it was pics only with comments.
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    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Start a thread on it. I’m sure you’ll get some help from this community.
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    1984 2.8l Hesitates/bogs when started out in 1st

    I would check if accelerator pump is giving a good squirt in both sides. When I did my duraspark I used the 2150 carb. Got it from rock auto. I think it’s past it’s service life but I’m makin it work. Idols fine and I’m pulling 17lbs of vacuum but hesitated/stalled if I accelerate even slightly...
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    1985 bronco 2

    Nice rig.