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    87 2.9 no guts, no answers

    I would probably test clean and rebuild the injectors you have before just buying rebuilt ones. It's "like a box of chocolates"... you never know what you're gonna get. The cost is minimal and there is a ton of videos for the process. There is also a filter on the inlet side of the injector...
  2. Uncle Gump

    87 2.9 no guts, no answers

    Something doesn't sound right to me... With compression numbers like you posted... I would never even run a leak down. In all my years I've never seen an instance where compression was not the best indicator of overall engine health. I'm going to agree with @JerryC ... I'm lost as to what is...
  3. Uncle Gump

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Oh that's right... it was a soft top thing.
  4. Uncle Gump

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    It's crazy to me that if you take the receiver off your build sheet... they will build you a truck. But you can buy the receiver and have it waiting for when you receive the truck. I'm sure there are other factors... but this launch sure has it share of difficulties. I can't remember exactly...
  5. Uncle Gump

    AC kills engine at stop lights.

    You have a 2.9.L I presume? Idle speed is controlled by the computer using the IAC actuator to bypass or not bypass air past the throttle plate. The more air that is bypassed... the higher the idle speed. Does the engine start up cold with a higher rpm and then lower itself to idle once warmed up?
  6. Uncle Gump

    87 B2 wont start when cold outside.

    Yes heat is the number one reason of TFI module failure. The heat sink paste ensures that the module makes full contact with the distributor housing for heat transfer. More is not always better. A thin even layer is all that's needed. Just try to ensure there is no voids in your layer... that...
  7. Uncle Gump

    Door latch connection

    I bought an electronic service manual from flea bay... it's in .pdf and I can't copy the graphic I have and paste it here. Do you have a picture of what you have it might help to see what's wrong.
  8. Uncle Gump

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Good thing building supplies have come down a bit. I'm so ready to have a shop again. My single car is seriously cramping my plans.
  9. Uncle Gump

    Finally Found One!

    Dang JerryC... even your oldie is shining like new money. Now all ya need to do is get yourself a first gen to round out the line up.
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    '85 B2 Ignition Replacement Strategy

    Those are getting harder to find these days. Either of these will work. 30-2691 or 30-2671 the 30-2671 has a dual vacuum advance. Just ignore the second port and leave it vented to the atmosphere. It should work just fine. That port was for emissions and dint' really work well and cause much...
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Are they pink rock lights?
  12. Uncle Gump

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    I'm not even sure who makes JEGS gauges for them. I wanted the Autometer Ford Racing series gauges... I just couldn't justify the price. I'm into my complete setup for about the same price as the Ford Racing oil pressure gauge. I also wish my audio problems were as simple as installing a set of...
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Seems every forum has a thread like this... we might as well too. So tell us what you did to your Bronco today... if it involves getting it upside down or any kind of fire... pictures are required. But seriously... pictures are always welcomed. I got my order from JEGS today. I always put a...
  14. Uncle Gump

    Shorted starter motor?

    I say you had some poor connections at a minimum... all the battery connections and cables have to be spot on. Any resistance in the cables will cause cranking issues. I would repair all the battery connections and cables before I went any further. Then see what you have after your repairs...
  15. Uncle Gump

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    That is a bit sobering... they sure aren't giving them away. Seems a bunch of production vehicles have been put in storage... certainly not isolated to Bronco Sports... or Ford for that matter. I'm going to be content with my Ranger and my Bronco II for a bit. One day I will probably buy one...