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    89 Bronco 11 tail gate light

    I believe they are made by Dorman but you need to replace both strike bolts. One on each side. O'reily's carries them. Also on my 90 BII I glued a small rubber bumper on the lift to hit the light switch and make better contact. Dennis
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    Blower Motor and Blower Motor Control Module/Resistor Replaced

    Well after 31 years of service the Blower Motor on my 1990 XLT Bronco II gave up the ghost. I was able to source a New OEM Motorcraft Blower Motor from Rockauto. As long as I had to remove the Engine Air Filter box to do the job I went ahead and replaced the Blower Motor Control...
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    kicked out of 4 low?

    Excellent Dennis
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    kicked out of 4 low?

    littlefoot Sorry man I can't help you on this one, I have manual hubs so no buttons. Drennis
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    A new Owner! What should I expect?

    It means they will lock automatically when you push the 4x4 button to go into 4 wheel drive and you do not need to get out of the BII and lock them in when you pull the shifter (you don't have a shifter) in the cab from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. I did not want the automatic 4x4 button on...
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    A new Owner! What should I expect?

    That depends on what you want out of the BII. When I found my near perfect, never been off road 1990 BII XLT, Manual locking hubs with 103,000 on it in 2015. I drove it home to AR from VA and then started replacing parts. Anything to do with brakes I replaced. It may not have needed it...
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    84-88 or 89-90 trim panels?

    Yep that is where mine is. Just inside the hatch opening on the right hand side. I keep gloves, lighting hookup and when I travel a qt of transmission fluid and my locking spare tire key. I do have the spare tire on the swing away bracket. Dennis
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    84-88 or 89-90 trim panels?

    Toated Which storage pocket are you referring to on the 89-90's? I have a storage area behind the passenger rear seat on my 1990 BII. Dennis
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    Bronco 2 from Russia

    very nice Dennis
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    87 Bronco II Rear Diff ABS speed sensor

    Rockauto carries them Dennis
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    rear hatch striker bolts?

    I believe Dorman makes new striker bolts for the BII. Check Ebay Dennis
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    Code reader plug????

    The connector is located on the right side (passenger's) side of the firewall near the strut tower. The operation procedure is listed in section 6-2 under EEC-IV system trouble codes. in the Haynes Ford Ranger & Bronco II Automotive Repair Manual 1983-1992 The book is 36070 (1026) Dennis
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    IDFK What's going on with my 2.9l. Starts and runs fine when cold, when warm it jerks and starts with misfire... sometimes.

    That is generally what I get Jerry when I am just driving back and further to town every day which is 10 miles each way. About half in the city and about half on open road. So I get around 17.5 to 18.5. If I take it to Tulsa or KC and run around the 65 MPH mark it I get around 24 or 25. Dennis
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    1988 Bronco II For Sale (SOLD)

    Very nice Dennis
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    Do I need to back up

    Jerry C Thanks for the tip on driving with the hubs locked in 2 wheel high just to keep some gear oil around in the front difff. I did not know that you could or should do that. Dennis