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    8.8 swap suspension

    Also if rear does provide a 4” lift how do I compensate in front? Can I just get a spring and shock made for a 4” lift or will I have to add some kind of leveling kit?
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    8.8 swap suspension

    Hi there have a 88 Bronco II manual with 4wd at stock height - I plan on doing the 8.8 rear axel swap and Dana 35 swap from a 93 explorer . What’s confusing me is I’ve heard the rear end is lifted from going for under->over on spring perch but can’t find a defenative awnser on how much it lifts...
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    2.9 dimensions

    Been looking everywhere and can’t find it , what are the dimensions for the 2.9 engine? Width: , valve cover to valve cover Height: Bottom of oil pan to top of intake. Length: . Front of crank pulley to back of block. Please and thank you
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    88 bronco VTEC swap

    Hey there I have an 88 manual Bronco II xlt with manual locking hubs . My engine is at 190xxx n still going strong so I figure now is the perfect time to start planning it’s inevitable enonge failure . I’m torn between a tdi diesel swap for the fuel mileage, except to get decent power(90hp...
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    installing tranny

    hey there so I just bought a 88 bronco 5 speed with the Mitsubishi fm146. the tranny was blown and already taken apart , so I'll have to figure out how to hook it back up. I was planning on going to pick n pull n grabbing one out of a used bronco so I'll take pics along the way n figure that out...