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  1. jjfugler

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    I have a lot of meat left on this one. Blue interior, body is not beat up, motor (2.9L Cologne) and tranny appears good. Was running last in 2017-inspection sticker date. Guy I got it from was replacing the starter and battery and never got it done-lost job or something. I will ship and can...
  2. jjfugler

    LED bulb replacement draining battery now?

    So I replaced tail, brake and side marker lights with LEDs and put in the ballast things and the new flasher....now my battery won't stay charged overnight and only hazards work! WTHeck have I done wrong here?!?
  3. jjfugler

    Center Console Misc pieces

    I have 3 of the 4 bolts for the arm rest bracket as well as the 2 access port covers. $5 takes em. Easy to ship anywhere. These will fit center consoles of the 90 Bronco ii and a mid to late 90's Explorer. Gray in color.
  4. jjfugler

    Ranger Door Panel compatibility

    Does anyone know what year model Rangers are compatible with a 90 Bronco II? This is for the interior door panel. I am looking to upgrade the interior. My interior is gray with electric windows and locks.