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  1. jjfugler

    V6 Emblem

    I have a set already in an envelope ready to go. Had a buyer that backed out last second.
  2. jjfugler

    B2 passenger seat track

    I have this if you are still in need. Will ship from Baton Rouge 70706 and it's rather heavy.
  3. jjfugler

    Parts needed:

    I have the pax side track from an 87 body but the seats may be newer, not sure nor do I know how to verify but if you do I will verify for ya. I also have some a/c parts and dash stuff. The compressor is gone and some brackets and hoses. Just let me know what you need and I can see if I have it.
  4. jjfugler

    87 BII want red hatch interior trim and exterior plastic

    parting out an 87 but interior is blue/gray. I have a rough center console that will get you started....it has been painted black.
  5. jjfugler

    Fender Badge - Interior Plastics - Roof Rack - Cargo Cover

    I may have the hinge covers for ya but they will be blue or gray, not sure which. You can paint them. I will ship from Baton Rouge 70706 if you want them.
  6. jjfugler

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    quite a bit and most of it is already removed/pulled and ready to ship. All blue interior.
  7. jjfugler

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    Bumpers are home made steel pipe, heavy duty. Would be great for a trail/off road vehicle.
  8. jjfugler

    1984 Bronco 2 - Sat for 15 years

    I have a spare headliner board out of a 90. Need it gone.
  9. jjfugler

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    Actually a good bit. I would have thought it wouldve sold by now. What you need? I have pics posted on many of the facebook groups. Or you can PM me on facebook. Or text me at two one four three three four five eight four five
  10. jjfugler

    89 Bronco II engine and misc. parts

    Have one from an 87 2.9L if it will work. Located in Baton Rouge, LA and I can ship.
  11. jjfugler

    89 Bronco II engine and misc. parts

    Mike: I have an ignition lock and housing and possibly the steering column assembly. Located in Baton Rouge, LA area.
  12. jjfugler

    Need Driver Seat In Ohio

    I have 2 sets of seats actually. One from a B2 and one from an explorer.
  13. jjfugler

    88' Bronco 2 - Looking for Any & All Parts

    I have the reflector you need. I am parting out an 87 2wd auto....what else you looking for. Mine has a blue interior.
  14. jjfugler

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    I have a lot of meat left on this one. Blue interior, body is not beat up, motor (2.9L Cologne) and tranny appears good. Was running last in 2017-inspection sticker date. Guy I got it from was replacing the starter and battery and never got it done-lost job or something. I will ship and can...
  15. jjfugler

    Cargo Cover

    Yes I am. Sorry I didn't see the call me cryptic message in there lol.
  16. jjfugler

    '90 Bronco II XL Rear Spare Tire Carrier

    I also have a carrier from a 90 B2. Located in Baton Rouge but can get it to DFW area at no additional charge.
  17. jjfugler

    Cargo Cover

    I would like to purchase that cargo cover please.
  18. jjfugler

    Plastic seat trim for 1990 bII

    what color and package?
  19. jjfugler

    1984 b2 hatch lock assy

    I have a brand new explorer handle for anyone looking. Got it at Summit Racing but don't need it.
  20. jjfugler

    85 Bronco II modern interior

    Also looking to add a few modern touches to my 90 B2 but not as fancy as you are talking about. I am anxious to see what you come up with.