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  1. JerryC

    Flexalite 160 fan kit.

    I decided to try an electric fan to get better AC while at stoplights or just parked and at idle. I get good cold AC when the BII is moving but just sitting it fights a losing battle against the sun coming through the glass. It got a new fan clutch and fan when I redid the AC, I replaced...
  2. JerryC

    Good video for IAC troubleshooting/theory and vacuum leaks

    Eric O from South Main Auto It's a 2000 something Escape but it's good stuff, just like all of his diagnosis videos. He is an electrical and ECM troubleshooting guru.
  3. JerryC

    Cheap LED headlights

    I put a set of these on the BII; LED headlights , they are marketed for Jeeps but fit early BII's with square headlights. Even with the H4 upgrade and relay harness I did several years ago the headlights were disappointing. These LEDs are easily twice as good as the H4's were. I didn't...
  4. JerryC

    Steering box leak

    I've got a leak that looks be at the steering shaft, that seal is relatively inexpensive. The box is fine otherwise, and I'd hate to replace it with a reman and get on that is sloppier than what I have. Lucas stop leak has slowed it down a lot. It's just that after four years of dripping on the...
  5. JerryC

    ODB-I scanner that reads live data PIDs

    Has anybody tried a scanner that can read real time ODB-I PIDs? I saw this one on a YouTube vid working on a 94 F-150; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011ICD2WQ/?coliid=I2BCLMNTG33Y1D&colid=2SE4KB56FCH5B&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it If this would do the same on the BII it would greatly simply...
  6. JerryC

    Weatherstripping FTW!

    I had done the doors and windows a couple of years ago and that really fixed a lot of rattles. But I never got around to doing the hatch. Did the hatch today, easy 20 minute job, and again a big reduction in rattles. Makes a big difference in my state of mind not hearing the hatch rattle and...
  7. JerryC

    Fixing my AC

    I bought the BII and the belt for the compressor was not installed. Previous owner said that it had not worked when he bought it. So it has been that way for several years. I'd like to get it working again. The more I read the more unsure I have become. Every AC part looks old and tired and may...
  8. JerryC

    ABS light on (one possible fix)

    Putting this here for general knowledge for anybody that searches for ABS fixes. My ABS light started blinking on at random times for a few weeks until finally staying lit permanently. The blinking on and off led me to think it was connection issue. The fix was to clean the contacts in the...
  9. JerryC

    Shocks for best ride

    My 88 has a 2" spacer lift, stock coils and leafs with new (~2k miles) Gabriel Ultra shocks. The front seems ok.. but the back jars over small bumps/ruts/holes. This truck is my get work in bad weather, take the wife and dog for a ride vehicle. I don't wheel it. I'd like to be able to go...
  10. JerryC

    88 xl

    I usually avoid showing things off just to be a show off but... I took this pic today and thought that I should give the old BII some props. I can't take any real credit as I bought it with that paint and wheels on it. In fact even though I did add the emblems and the drivers side rear bumper...