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  1. JerryC

    Stalling / backfire right after startup

    Check the ACT, Air Charge Temp sensor on the passenger side of the intake. It may be bad or just covered in goo.
  2. JerryC

    Stalling / backfire right after startup

    It's not that the vac leak goes away, but that the 02 sensor sees it and calls for more fuel to fix the lean condition. When I got my current BII a few years ago it had several small vacuum leaks through dry rotted hoses and bushings. I found those and then later the upper intake gasket cracked...
  3. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    My update. The BS I ordered 3/19 is built and the paint is fading in the Mexican desert. It was built on time but is missing a chip. so it has been sitting outside since 6/17 with a scheduled delivery date of 11/3 !!! I bought a 2021 used 4 Runner last week and I am waiting on it to be...
  4. JerryC

    Stalling / backfire right after startup

    Thinking out loud... First five minutes bad, then good - open loop issue then 02 sensor warms up and goes into closed loop and can correct fuel issue. So where is the problem? bad temp sender (replaced but not new at this point) or TS wiring, vacuum leak, TPS issue (could maybe be carbon buildup...
  5. JerryC

    kicked out of 4 low?

    over at TRS https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/rebuilding-a-ford-transfer-case-shift-motor/
  6. JerryC

    842.8, Holley Sniper fuel injecion system.

    A guy on youtube just did this. A quick search should find it.
  7. JerryC

    AL4D Does Not Shift When Cold

    Glad you got it fixed.
  8. JerryC

    ISO Rear window wiper assembly information

    On my 88, nozzle is above the rear window. Tank is behind right taillight, there is a rubber plug there to cover the fill tube. I believe that the wiper arm is unique to the BII. 89/90 may be different. I don't know the answer to the rest of your questions.
  9. JerryC

    Getting there. W.I.P.

    Looks Great!
  10. JerryC

    AL4D Does Not Shift When Cold

    Mine did that and it was the governor. They were hard to find, it took the trans shop a couple of weeks to find one. If you research online sometimes you can recondition them, that didn't work for the trans shop on my trans.
  11. JerryC

    87 Bronco II Rear Diff ABS speed sensor

    Posted this on your thread over at TRS as well, NAPA shows one. Part # : UP 530000
  12. JerryC

    alternator amp output

    I think mine came with a 40 or 45 amp. I did lots of looking around and the easiest solution was to get a 90 amp from autozone. The exact details are probably on here in a thread somewhere. It's a direct bolt on. Much more than that and you might have a problem with a single v-belt driving...
  13. JerryC

    rear hatch striker bolts?

    cruising ebay I saw this; Hatch Striker Bolt
  14. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    I'm still waiting. Build date is 6/14. Plus up to another month for delivery. I'm not good at waiting...
  15. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    Starting to see them on the streets now. Dealers can't keep stock on the lot for long in the upper trims. Outer Banks and Badlands just don't last. If Ford had picked their timing better (pandemic) they'd be making a killing on them. If the delays put the buyers off long enough for competitors...
  16. JerryC

    IDFK What's going on with my 2.9l. Starts and runs fine when cold, when warm it jerks and starts with misfire... sometimes.

    I just topped off mine, during the snow storm a couple of weeks ago. I used about half a tank. 121 miles, about half in the snow and another 25 or so with the hubs locked because I forgot to unlock them. 12.5 MPG. About 15 miles of that was with the front diff pushing snow. I could not go...
  17. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    Here's a peek at it; Ford Maverick video from TFL Truck I'd like a super cab version instead of a crew cab but I'll hold my judgement until I see it in person.
  18. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    It's ordered, no idea how long it will take. Area 51, Badlands trim with Badlands package Near fully optioned out just under $38K with x-plan. $39.1K MSRP. The metal flake paint trims are an upcharge, Rapid Red, Alto Blue and Cyber Orange. You can of course go higher dollar with accessories like...
  19. JerryC

    Bronco sport aka Baby Bronco

    I swung by the dealer today, I'm on vacation and was cruising the BII around town and thought "what the heck, why not?'. Uh, almost 40g's of why not :) Drove one of the lower trims with the smaller engine, not as bad as the internet makes it out to be. The Badlands with 2.0 is like I...