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  1. pcrxwun1

    89 B2 Elec window switch assembly

    I am looking for the complete switch assemblies for an 89 B2, Driver and passenger side. I believe there are several other models that share the same switch, Ranger and maybe the Explorer.
  2. pcrxwun1

    Bronco 2, 88 to 89 dash swap

    Iam doing a complete interior swap. 88 to 89 including the dash. I decided to share on this forum mostly because I could find very little info on the dash swap and had to figure it out myself. I could only find one other article and it said.Most the bolt holes line up and the wiring isn't that...
  3. pcrxwun1

    Bronco 2 88 to 89 interior + rear quarter panel repair

    I am currently fixing up a B2 I bought from my sister mostly because I was hurting for a vehicle. My plan was to drive it until it broke down or until I saved enough money for a down payment on something else. Then I started to slowly repair a bunch of issues and learned a ton of stuff about it...
  4. pcrxwun1

    Looking for good manufacturer of head assemblies for a 2.9 l, 89 B2

    I need to replace the heads in my B2 don't have a lot of money but need something that will last me. Maybe an online dealer that has good deals on quality parts.