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  1. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Posted these on the Ranger forum too. Original Carb and Distributer (2.8) Swapped when I did the Duraspark conversion. Worked fine before I pulled them. Also have a set of valve covers, say Bronco powered by Ford (V8) Hope someone needs them or they go to recycle. Pics by request. 50 bucks...
  2. bronco2fan

    New Format for the Corral

    Well Jim, I know it hasn't been that long since I've visited here, but I like the new format. Have to visit more often now lol.
  3. bronco2fan

    To sell or not.

    Well guys, I've come to the point where I need to make a decision. My BII is in good shape for her age, but I haven't driven her in years. Trying to decide if I ought to put her up for sale or not. I just don't want to see her go to someone who wouldn't appreciate how old she is and what she is...
  4. bronco2fan

    Duraspark Conversion

    So I got everything for the conversion and started tearing into it. Never knew there was so much wiring and vacuum lines lol. The tech section is'nt really clear on the how to portion either. Found out you can't really get rid of the computer and harness because the wires you need to keep feed...
  5. bronco2fan

    2.8 cologne motor

    will a 2.8 from a 76 capri mount up to a 84 bronco II, already has the 2.8 in it. I figure it should be a straight change. This motor is already duraspark and runs fine.