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  1. Gordy

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Began to reinstall the air conditioning the previous owner had removed. Fortunately he saved brackets, hardware and all the old components except the old compressor. Have new compressor, condenser, dryer, lines and evaporator. Had to pick up from a bone yard the manifolds that go on the...
  2. Gordy

    Interior pieces- Grab assist handles, A Pillar Trim, Jack hold down

    I have the lug wrench, thanks. Just need whatever hardware that is supped to hold the jack and lug wrench secure.
  3. Gordy

    1985 B2 A/C compressor upper line manifold

    It worked out as I was able to pick up the two compressor manifolds I needed as well as the complete wire needed to the compressor from the right side fender wall
  4. Gordy

    Interior pieces- Grab assist handles, A Pillar Trim, Jack hold down

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the jack sits behind a small plastic door right behind the passenger seat into the side of the interior panel. Not sure where the lug wrench is supposed to go but I have it in the last longer storage door in that same interior panel, back by the tail gate.
  5. Gordy

    1985 B2 A/C compressor upper line manifold

    Actually just heard back from someone who had messaged me earlier. Will close out the post if he comes thru with the parts. Thanks.
  6. Gordy

    1985 B2 A/C compressor upper line manifold

    That looks like the parts. Also, mine is missing the wire that attaches to the compressor. Does yours have it still? I have no idea where that wire runs from, out of a wiring harness I assume? Shoot me an e mail at gklug305@msn.com Also, are you parting out that B2? There's a few other items I...
  7. Gordy

    Interior pieces- Grab assist handles, A Pillar Trim, Jack hold down

    Got the assist handles squared away so good on those.
  8. Gordy

    1985 B2 A/C compressor upper line manifold

    Looking to replace the air conditioning that PO had removed from my 85 B2. I have a new compressor but in need of the manifolds that attach to the top of it which the ac lines attach to. Let me know if you have and message me on what you need for them. Thanks.
  9. Gordy

    89 Bronco II Blower Motor/Evaporator core enclosure replacement

    Getting ready to tackle the AC on my 85 B2. Previous owner had removed pretty much everything, but luckily he saved the compressor brackets and bolts to attach the compressor. Purchased a new compressor, dryer, condenser and ac evaporator. Hoses look to be in good enough shape to reuse. Will...
  10. Gordy

    Newbie with '89 Bronco II

    I've been looking for some chrome nerf bars to fit the B2 and there aren't a lot of options I have found. Anyone know of any that go on without a lot of modifications that look good?
  11. Gordy

    1989 BII cosmetic restoration completed.

    Looks really nice. Yours has the same aluminum wheels I have on my 85. Was that still the stock rim on the 1989s?
  12. Gordy

    5 Speed Transmission side filler plug thread?

    Hi, my 1985 Bronco II FM145 manual transmission's fill plug head (located on left side of trans) is rounded off. Before I attack it to remove it, am wondering what the plug thread is or a part number so I can get a new one ready to go in once I remove the old one. Thanks.
  13. Gordy

    Interior pieces- Grab assist handles, A Pillar Trim, Jack hold down

    Looking for the assist handles for above the front doors and drivers side A Pillar trim piece in beige (although I could paint the pieces to beige) for my 1985 Eddie Bauer Bronco II. Also the jack hold down hardware. Thanks
  14. Gordy

    Painting dash?

    I bought a Cover Lay ABS cover and painted it Nutmeg with Rustoleum Paint for Plastic. Real happy with how it turned out and trim pieces are spot on to rest of the unpainted panels.
  15. Gordy

    Shades of Tan?

    My 1985 Eddie Bauer lists the beige interior as being Desert Sand. I recently painted a dash cover, the kick panels and inside rear hatch cover with Rustoleum Nutmeg paint for plastics and got a real close match. So much so that where painted trim butts up to the original it's almost a dead ringer.
  16. Gordy

    Bronco ii owner’s in NC

    We moved here from the snake of Illannoys 3 years ago. So far so good! Enjoy the winters here for sure!
  17. Gordy

    Bronco ii owner’s in NC

    We're in the NW corner ofr the state. NW of Walhalla near Seneca.
  18. Gordy

    Interior assist handles

    Previous owner had replaced the headliner at some point. Are the Bronco IIs supposed to have assist handles above each front door? There is one in back right to assist in entry/exit. I noticed on a video of an 84 that there are handles mounted above doors. It would help with entry. Also looking...
  19. Gordy

    Bronco ii owner’s in NC

    I'm in SC but picked up my B2 about 2 months ago from Robinsville NC. Really enjoying it!
  20. Gordy

    1985 B2 front door hinge detent rollers

    Has anyone else had the problem where their B2 doors won't stay open? Mine is an 85 and it looks like they have "detent rollers" on the bottom door hinges but I don't see, even with new ones without any wear, how they would keep the door from just swinging shut. Also, if someone has replaced...