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    why or what makes my tach read way out of range to high at 55 mpr its at 6000 rpm can someone answer me on this thanks
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    fuel pressure ?

    i checked my fp the other day key on went to 40 psi and it stayed there awhile now i checked it when running and psi is good but what makes the needle go all erratic like 40 to 30-35 and so on if i pull a vacuum line off it steadies it out to 40 psi any ideas and it runs crappy no power unless i...
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    EEC harness

    at the end of the EEC harness on driver side there is an 8 pin and 6 gray connectors does anyone have that pin out i know that the blue with fuse goes into 8 pin and is for o2 sensor and these all go inside truck or is part of the fp and ext.:shok: lights
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    86 2.9l egr delete

    when capping of the egr valve and the manifold bung, also the egr pressure solenoid behind the throttle linkage and the solenoid on the pass. side with the xmas color vac lines. i also put in an EEC from an 88 standard manual trany and TC. and i'm having problems starting it and also keeping it...
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    87 manual Tcase

    Anyone out there know or has the linkage for my 87 b2 manual transfer case? 2H 4H 4L:annoyed::annoyed:
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    87 manual Tcase stuck

    hey i'm hoping that someone knows about transfer cases my 87 b2 has manual one and for some reason its stuck in low, now i can move my tc handle from 2hi to 4 hi and 4 low the handle moves but still stays in low is there something in need to adjust or tighten up looked under there had my girl...
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    transfer case 87 b2 xlt

    any one out there have a diagram or step by step on the adjustment for my transfer case. I can move the shift lever and nothing happens just stays in 4 low any ideas is the an adjustment and maybe its loose. i can't find anything that makes sense, some guidance would be much appreciated...
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    how does the tach hook in by the distributor or coil and what color wire are tlking about its in an 87 bronco 2
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    starting problems

    I just finished up transplanting a 88 2.9 into my 87 b2. got all the wiring and stuff that needs to be accomplished. So I i'm trying to figure out why when I try to start it will turn over and want to start then I let off the key to the run position and it dies. someone mentioned the run wire...
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    main wire harness connection help

    Hi all if any one can show me some pics or tell me or show me with diagrams and wire colors. i put 88 in a 87 b2 xlt. so i changes the computer and the main harness. I need to now what or where the o2 sensor plugged into and on the drivers side there is a 2 post unit right by the starter on the...
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    O2 sensor and othe electrical part 1

    pics for thead before this thank u
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    O2 sensor and othe electrical part 1

    i put an 88 2.9l into 87 and followed it with engine harness & EEC. I can't remember where the connector plugs into it the 2 wires coming out of the sensor are back and a white one where does this plug into please help. using an 88 harness and up front where the power distribution box is at on...
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    fuel pump wiring not right? or ecc

    Hey, I just swapped out my old 87 2.9l for an 88 2.9l the EEC and engine harness followed it and went well. I know about the changes for the 88 and conformed to that .my problem is the wiring for the fuel pump for the life off me I cant' make out heads or tales how the pump gets hooked up and...
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    main wire Harness

    I need to know where the wires that leave the inertia that are hot got to or hook into to turn on or for the FP each time you start it can someone give me some direction please then I should have it running:icon_surprised::icon_surprised: Thank you
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    Mystery EEC-IV in 87 Bronco 2 xlt 4x4

    Check this out I bought this 87 B2 right out of the factory in 1987 I'm doing a engine swap to a 88 2.9l, so go to take out the eec to replace it with one for 88 because of the egr and what ever else. That eec that I took out of the 87 say its for 3.0l Taurus/Sable only, i'm the only owner of...
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    vacuum lines, egr pressure regulater on behind t. body.

    Hey again, I know the 88 2.9l does not use the egr system, so does this mean that the egr pressure sensor is deleted 2 and the red green lines along with the sensor they plugged in right? I found out that swapping out my 87 motor and put an 88 in there is some difference I have tried to ask...
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    I need some direction at this point!

    87 2.9l swapped out to an 88 2.9l need some advice HI Good day, I'm new to the site, I like it. I know that you will get me back on the road. I'm swapping an 88 2.9l into my 87 bronco2witch had the same power plant. Does the ecm brain computer and harness follow that 88, I know that 88,89...
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    I need some direction at this point!

    88' 2.9L to take place of 87' 2.9L wiring and fuel pump help i need some direction HI Good day, I'm new to the site, I like it. I know that you will get me back on the road. I'm swapping an 88 2.9l into my 87 bronco2witch had the same power plant. Does the ecm brain computer and harness follow...