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  1. tw205

    Keep Passing The Open Windows

    The long black controls are from 2nd generation. The other set is 1st generation. 2nd gen elec window door panels are different than manual window door panels. They bulge out at the control mounting location to provide space for controls and wiring. I don’t have a first gen with power window so...
  2. tw205

    1 Ton cherry picker?

    1ton is 2000lbs. The lift capacity is more than sufficient. As long as you don’t use 3 foot of chain from the engine to the lift you should be fine.
  3. tw205

    '88 Bronco II highway speed death wobble / steering upgrades

    Hard to tell from your picture but to me that looks like a stock pitman arm. The steering angle should be as close as possible the the angle of the axle housing. Imagine a line between the axle housing mount bolt and the center of the wheel hub. Your steering arm should be as close to the same...
  4. tw205

    23 Gallon Fuel Tank Sending Unit Location Question

    I know some fellers on here have done that. I’m fixin to install a new unit on one of my BIIs and will be making the access panel for future endeavors, knowing I’ll most likely only find made in China garbage having a propensity for out of box failure or a life cycle of a single trip the the...
  5. tw205

    I am doing a transmission swap.

    At the risk of confusing you further, the possibility of additional issues could arise. Some early 84 models had a transfer case with a shift lever that clocks different than all the others. It has a different shifter to compensate for the clocking.
  6. tw205

    I am doing a transmission swap.

    I was referring to your Bronco. What transmission does it have now? BC you mentioned a 2.8 I would assume it’s an 84 or 85. If it has an A4LD the drive shafts will work with the new M5OD. If it has the Fm145 then the rear shaft will be too short and the front too long.
  7. tw205

    Noise when engaging low range

    Shifting into 4low requires the vehicle to be stopped and in park or neutral shifting while rolling will cause grinding in the transfer case as well as the hubs if using auto locking hubs.
  8. tw205

    I am doing a transmission swap.

    Yes. Use the 4.0 clutch assembly, hydraulics and flywheel. You will also need the starter, it’s wire harness and solenoid. It will bolt to the 2.8. The manual transfer case will also bolt to the M5OD. Depending on your original transmission, driveshaft length may be an issue.
  9. tw205

    Transmission Swap?

    M5OD. It’s a one piece transmission so the bell housing doesn’t come off. Use the 4.0 flywheel and clutch assembly. Clutch pedals have a model change I think in 88. Get the brake pedal from the manual transmission vehicle as well. It’s different than the automatic. The clutch safety switch...
  10. tw205

    Transmission Swap?

    No. They have different tail housings and output shafts
  11. tw205

    I am doing a transmission swap.

    Sorry but no. Your best bet is to get a 4 wheel drive transmission. The M5OD is a good choice but has to have the flywheel and clutch assemble from the same vehicle. Tech section has good info on the swap. Good luck. 👍
  12. tw205

    Dana 35 front axle

  13. tw205


    If you purchase a small section of exhaust pipe off the shelf at the auto parts store, one end will be enlarged to allow it to fit over another pipe. If you buy a 3” diameter pipe, it will be 3” outside diameter and the bell end will 3” inside diameter.
  14. tw205


    For “off road purposes “. A 3” exhaust pipe with a bell on the end works. Squeeze it to oval and it will slide over the oval end of the Y pipe.
  15. tw205

    Oil dipstick gasket

    It’s not so much a gasket as an o ring.
  16. tw205

    help!! my B2 needs a frame

    The front of the frame rails are different. 84 thru 88 have a boxed end that the bumper bolts to. 89 & 90 are open ended and angle up. They have brackets that bolt the bumper to the frame. That’s the only difference I’ve come across on the frames.
  17. tw205

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Some progress. Brakes are done. New fuel tank and straps. Got the driveshaft on and the truck now moves and stops on her own. Been pushing her around for 7 years. She’s in the barn stall for the winter. Tires shocks and new floor covering are next. Hope to drive her to town next year. Maybe some...
  18. tw205

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    I gave up keeping track of how much I’ve spent. Project started as a 3” body lift. Rusted through body mount brackets and while I got the body up why not pull the frame out and clean it up a little and 7 years later here we are. I get alot of parts from broncograveyard on line. They have...
  19. tw205

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    What are you using to cover said big ass hole to match the shape of the floor? I’m thinking of doing the same but now realize I should have cut an oversized piece out of one of the rigs I sent to scrap.
  20. tw205

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Da man been keepin me down!!’ Working 12 hour shifts 6 or 7 days a week. Can’t keep up with the grass mowing and house chores.