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    Want to help me find a short?

    Found out a loose ground wire in the fuel tank, on the pump, was keeping it from running. Fixed, and on to the next problem!
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    Want to help me find a short?

    Is there a way to attach a video? I pulled the main light switch and tried the test light again. With the main light switch pulled, the test light blinks on and off like a hazard light. I am going to check again, but I do not think it was doing that when the switch was still connected, the...
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    Want to help me find a short?

    Probably the same one the old timers are using.
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    Want to help me find a short?

    I did not realize there was an electrical problem until the battery was dead the next day - So when it quit, it would still crank, but no start. Next day the battery was completely dead and after charging it started back up. 1989 Ford Bronco II 4WD, standard. I bought a test light and...
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    Want to help me find a short?

    The other day the truck lost power while I was driving and stalled and wouldn't turn back on. The next day the battery was dead. I recharged the battery, and it started back up just fine. I went to buy beer again and the B2 would not start back up in the parking lot of the liquor store. I...
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    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    Hey, I am looking for an engine if you still have one for sale. Thanks!