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    89 B2 trans slipping, now won't go into gear. Help?

    Long story short, drove the B2 To work for the first time. When I got I it to leave, I put it in drive, and nothing happened. Cycled through te gears and back I drive, gave it a touch of gas and it banged into drive. So I got all te way to the intersection, and when I had to stop for traffic...
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    1989 Bronco II

    I know im new here, but have been lurking for a long while. anyways, I'm kicking around the idea of selling my Bronco II. It's a 1989 with 156xxx miles, which will slightly rise, as it is my daily driver. It is 4wd, and an automatic. The best part is, can be tagged as historic! Which means no...
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    Brake line tight after explorer spring swap??

    Today I did the explorer spring swap, with an add a leaf. The brake line that runs down the frame, goes under the leaf, and into the drivers side drum is tight against the leaf spring...any ideas of what I can do to put slack in that?