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    Best replacement for Motorcraft AWSF-42 spark plugs?

    I usually use the platinum Motorcraft spark plugs for my 89 with good success. The part number for your Bronco II is SP486.
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    1989 Bronco II Instrument Cluster Bulb Replacement...

    Hey everyone: Does anyone know the procedure to replace the instrument cluster bulbs on a 89 Bronco II? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks again.
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    WTB.......89' OEM radio with tape deck.

    I have a factory one sitting in my house sitting somewhere in mint shape. I could take pictures of it once I find it and ship it to you if you're interested?
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    Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates...

    I had to fix a decent amount. I had coolant contamination from cracked heads, so I replaced the heads, gaskets. and bolts. I also replaced a bunch of other important gaskets. And I also cleaned out my oil pan and replaced my pickup tube and pump. Now it's perfect.
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    Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates...

    Thank you everyone for the help, issue has been fixed.
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    Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates...

    Hello everyone: I have a 89 Bronco II 2.9L v6 and my oil pressure gauge fluctuates when it the truck reaches normal operating temperature. I have a rebuilt engine in the truck and I have replaced the Oil Pressure Switch for the Gauge, The Oil Pump and also the Oil Pickup Screen and Tube. Does...
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    Parking Brake Question...

    My Uncle is currently parting out his 93 Explorer, and I was wondering will the parking brake assembly out of his Explorer, fit into my Bronco II? If so is there any modifications I have to do, and do I have to use his brake cables or can I use mine? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank...
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    Will a 93 Explorer Parking Brake assembly fit in my 89 Bronco II?

    Hello everyone my Uncle is parting out his 93 Explorer which may be an early 92 build and I was wondering will the Parking Brake assembly fit in my 89 Bronco II? Is there any modifications that need to be done to make it work? Can I use my 89 Bronco II Brake Cables or will I have to use 93...