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  1. ab_slack

    1985 Bronco II

    I guess you are looking at doing a 4.0L swap? Lots have done this work over on TRS and that board is more active. I've heard doing a dash swap (including harness) can make things easier. Not sure how it all applies with the 85. I have only had 87, 88 and 89 BIIs. the 85 would be a 2.8L I...
  2. ab_slack

    Timing marks question

    When you adjusted the timing did you pull the SPOUT (think I spelled that right) plug that disable the electronic advance? If you didn't do that, you will have set it with some electronic advance present which means you have too little advance. Normally you pull the SPOUT it will get close to...
  3. ab_slack

    Timing marks question

    There should be a series of marks. Every two or 3 degrees degrees I think and a total of 20 or 30 degrees. There doesn't happen to be some smaller marks between the two big ones?
  4. ab_slack

    2.8 tear down

    I agree, very sad to see. If you dont' get an answer here try TRS as that is more active and most BII issues are true for Rangers as well. It was unclear to me if this happened after doing a rebuild and so you had to tear down again or if this just happened after getting it running after a...
  5. ab_slack

    2.8 tear down

    I don't know about the piston marking. The concern that immediately comes to mind after such an overheat is what conditions the heads are since they are known to crack.
  6. ab_slack

    My dad left me his 1989 B2 XLT.

    Looks like a nice vehicle to start with. I am not an off road sort of person so I find it kinda sad when one gets turned into an off road vehicle. Having said that, there are reasons people like the BII for off road. The short wheel base and narrow body have their down sides for stability but...
  7. ab_slack

    300 I6 in 85 bronco 2

    Inline 6 is typically a longer block than a 8 cylinder so I am skeptical. I know 8 cylinders are tight front to back. There are plenty of active folks who have put 8 cylinder into Rangers and B2s on TRS forum who can give more specifics on that. If there is someone who has done a strait 6 you...
  8. ab_slack

    88 B2 budget beater build

    Looks good. I have missed feelings about chopping. I really think it is cool from a looks standpoint but it is one more BII body that is gone and the way these rust apart in this area I hate to see that. All that said it does look like you are doing some great work there. :)
  9. ab_slack

    Dragging an anchor

    Yes my first question would be if the brakes are dragging. That is a pretty easy check. As far as the engine work, changing the carb and such, I can't comment on. I would expect a carb will only work under a certain range of conditions. That it is possible to swap something in that isn't...
  10. ab_slack

    engine swap problem

    I don't know what you are doing with your diagnosis. You are disconnecting your battery because? And when it dies I presume you reconnect the battery to start it again? And it won't start after a few days. Is that with the battery disconnected all the time? Connected all the time? It just...
  11. ab_slack

    Happy New Years!

    The site has been quite dead for days so..... I thought I would spice it up by wishing everyone a Merry New Years!!
  12. ab_slack

    b2 in progress

    On my 02 explorer which I got used with 80K miles on it, the engine failed 5 days after getting it. Covered under used car dealer warranty, they put in a junk yard engine. That engine lasted me 6 years and got basically 80K mile which is as much as the original engine and the junk yard engine...
  13. ab_slack

    b2 in progress

    I supposed it depends on how well you know the condition of the engine. If you know it to be in good shape and you aren't in the inclination to do extra work then go ahead with it as is. If it were me, I would want to do all I could with it before putting it in. My problem is I am pretty much...
  14. ab_slack

    Inline 6 in a 90 B2

    I saw someone some time back contemplating putting some sort of strait 6 in one. I recall the person had measurements that suggested that it could fit. Others seemed to disagree. People obviously put 8 cylinders in BII and I believe to get them in there needs to be some body lift to get space...
  15. ab_slack

    Ignition Module

    With regards to the ignition module look here. http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/TFI_Diagnostic.shtml
  16. ab_slack

    87 to 89 B2 engine swap

    There are differences. Not major ones but ones to be aware. The 87 has a EGR system. The 89 does not. 87 is banked full injection while 89 is, I forget the word, I want to say multiport, but I think it is correct, both have same amount of injectors and such it just comes down to how they are...
  17. ab_slack

    88 2WD going Low and V8

    I was thinking "wow that is a big engine going in" then I realized it is just a 2.9L coming out. Dunno how people get bigger ones in. Yes that is an odd thing the faker transfer case. Some brilliant solution to solve configuration or get around a cost justification issue because anticipated...
  18. ab_slack

    Recent Tornado killed my 90 BII

    That's a shame for sure. Good luck with the reconstruction.
  19. ab_slack

    Site Comment

    I don't know if this is by intent to keep this site separate from TRS, but I find navigating between here and TRS and back to be somewhat of a pain. The only direct link I see is the one in the TRS in the BII/Explorer sub-form title that brings you to BIIC main page. So usually I go to TRS...
  20. ab_slack

    The Little Red Broncette

    I debated making a thread for her as she isn’t a build and I am not planning any customization but to me she is a restoration project of sorts and the list of things I have done thus far chasing my goal adds up to quite a bit already. Yet there is a long list of things still I want to do to...