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  1. Peter Griffin

    Restoring For BII

    I was in the exact same boat back in January when I bought my '88 BII EB from my neighbor. I had casually helped him wrench on it so I had a general idea that it was more or less mechanically sound, just needed a TON of work. I wouldn't do a single thing cosmetically, interior or exterior or...
  2. Peter Griffin

    Topless Alma needs some ice cream

    My '88 has been kicking my azz since January and I haven't had to deal with a fraction of the stuff you or most other folks that wrench on these old goats do! The more threads like this I read the more I appreciate how mechanically solid it was for starters and how I just needed to do...
  3. Peter Griffin

    Bedliner paint job idea.

    IN! I'm doing a Raptor liner paint job myself (literally next week, ordering from their store today, talk about timing!) and I've used it in the past on my Jeeps so that's what I'm familiar with it. You can also get it in any color you want as long as you know the paint code. I previously...
  4. Peter Griffin

    Catalytic converter needed?

    F that! I replaced my entire exhaust system from the downpipe back, including a catalytic converter and cat-back exhaust AND new O2 system for around $400. When I bought it the cat was deleted and it sounded awful and smelled even worse. It idles like an EV now and barely makes any noise...
  5. Peter Griffin

    New to forum! 1988 Bronco II named Lil’ Red

    Oh no...here's comes the resident Raptor liner guy! My entire vehicle is going to be Raptor lined shortly (it's a type of bedliner). For folks that might think it's little extreme for the entire body, it does give nice contrast and compliment if you do only fenders/bumpers/etc. It comes in...
  6. Peter Griffin

    85 Bronco II Current Value

    Engine problem is likely something REAL simple, just a matter of chasing it down. I had a similar issue with my '88 and once the cap/rotor/wires/plugs and coil were replaced it gave my Hellcat a run for the money! :ROFLMAO: I'd get the engine issue handled first as it's going to dramatically...
  7. Peter Griffin

    Speaker replacement?

    You're fooked as they say...I ordered what Crutchfield said would be plug and play speakers for my '88 and it took me over an hour (EACH) to get the rear panel speakers (5x7/6x8) with a Dremel and while I eventually got them to fit, I would NOT do that again as once I started cutting them, I...
  8. Peter Griffin

    New Headlights

    Sorry I left it out, here's the link to the round headlight conversion here: There's other ways to do it, but Jim's method looks WAY more straightforward and easier...
  9. Peter Griffin

    New Headlights

    I ended up buying some 7-inch round LEDs and trim rings to go for a retro look, there's a tutorial on here which made it look way to easy...which is easy to say because I haven't done it yet! I was going to do standard fitment replacement LEDs but the round bulbs look awesome on the BIIs!
  10. Peter Griffin

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    That's a STEAL at that price, especially with their current discounting. Count me in and let me know how I can get in on it so they get both of ours knocked out at the same time!
  11. Peter Griffin

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    I JUST asked AOR about exactly that last week and they said they weren't aware of any such application, but to let them know if I figure it out... Obviously you have a rapport/conversation going with them and if their rear bumper is anywhere near as awesome which is sitting on my garage floor...
  12. Peter Griffin

    1985 B2 A/C compressor upper line manifold

    I just went through a similar 💩 show myself when I threw away my old A/C compressor when my new one came in without taking the manifolds off first. Total rookie mistake that sent me scrambling and ended up costing me $100 for a set of new ones here...
  13. Peter Griffin

    Project B2 Marauder 1984 Ford Bronco II XLS

    Awesome progress/updates/information/pictures, thanks @Jim Oaks, motivation to keep plugging away on my '88!
  14. Peter Griffin

    Project B2 Marauder 1984 Ford Bronco II XLS

    I appreciate @Uncle Gump steering me over here as I work on my own project '88 BII. Incredibly well done @Jim Oaks! As a lighting nerd I'm copying your round headlight mounting method as it seems like the most straightforward of the 3 or so variations I've seen. I think the look of the round...
  15. Peter Griffin

    Bronco II Dash Cover Lay installed

    I have the same dash cover and door panels on the way in their light brown, which from the samples I received from them, is the closest to what I have in my '88 EB now. I very much appreciate you posting that picture of your paint job and more importantly, stating EXACTLY what you used. I...
  16. Peter Griffin

    '88 Bronco II highway speed death wobble / steering upgrades

    LOVE the round headlights/grill that would have sold me too, that's for sure! Death wobble...thought I was on the Jeep forum(s) again; well versed in that from my own personal experience. Can't help here as I'm a BII noob, just here to learn...
  17. Peter Griffin

    Manual Hub Questions

    My first post! I've been going bananas over on the TRS with my BII build but I've been snooping around here too... Agreed on the hubs; don't lock them until you need them. Better mileage (probably negligible but anyway) and more importantly less wear and tear FTW!