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  1. ruralmaine

    2.9L upgrade.

    Awesome. Thank you. 😊
  2. ruralmaine

    2.9L upgrade.

    Well, I am looking to expand my knowledge, this is a project vehicle, and I am mechanical inclined. I am looking for some quidance about the 2.9L for it's the first 2.9L I have worked on.
  3. ruralmaine

    2.9L upgrade.

    So I have just removed the 2.9L engine and transmission out of B2. I am looking for some guidance on what to replace. 90k miles on it.
  4. ruralmaine

    Coil Spring Tower replacement.

    Where did you find the coil spring tower mount? I need to do the same exact thing to mine. I can see the frame rot on mine. Thanks in advance!
  5. ruralmaine

    Restoring For BII

    That should be a nice color. I agree with you on the looks of the 89 BII. For me it's the wrap around type headlights, just not a fan.
  6. ruralmaine

    Restoring For BII

    How is the restoration going? I am starting on an 87 B2. Working on the body rust first. Then removing the body so I can easily reach the brakes, brake lines fuel lines so on and so on.