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  1. Bird76Mojo

    '87 B2 2wd auto parting out

    Looking for a BII 2wd rear sway bar if you have one. Unsure if it could be shipped reasonably..
  2. Bird76Mojo

    B2 or Ranger non AC heater box

    I think I have one that's been cut and fiberglassed to clear the valvecover. Not sure if I want to hold on to it or not though. I added AC to my V8 swap but..
  3. Bird76Mojo

    Fire sale 4x4auto,eddy, “project” pics available. Fire Sale.

    Respectful of value? With an underhood fire? Scrap value should suffice. Even if one wanted to drop in a 5.0 V8, you'd still have other harnesses to worry about under the hood and through the firewall. Let's face reality here. That's one hell of an ambitious project for most.
  4. Bird76Mojo

    842.8, Holley Sniper fuel injecion system.

    My advice to you is to buy an EVTM book for your model year. Easily found on Ebay or Amazon. You'll need it.
  5. Bird76Mojo

    List of B2 Options that never made it to production and some that did.

    Surely you guys have seen the unicorn BII on Youtube lately... Factory opening side windows on it.