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  1. ecgreen

    1989 Bronco II 2WD - Summit County CO

    The black is cool...original?
  2. ecgreen

    1990 bronco ii xlt 4x4 (REVISED)

    Yep, for that price needs to be just about in perfect shape. Just an opinion, but I bet you could move it for 5000 if you could prove the 150,000 (speedo is only 5 digits, could be 250,000) and you fixed the transmission. With the new bronco out you might find someone willing to pay the 8k, but...
  3. ecgreen

    Manual hub swap

    YOu'll need a hub conversion kit in addition to the manual hubs. https://shop.broncograveyard.com/Dana-35-Lock-Outs/products/983/
  4. ecgreen

    1986 Bronco II 2.9 engine

    Could be so much...time to learn the basics. My B2 taught me a lot about no start diagnostics!
  5. ecgreen

    $250 1988 Bii 'Field Find'

    Man...nice find! I am a fan of little engines too. Go for it and keep us posted!
  6. ecgreen

    Doggy powered Bronco 2.9 fix.

    I have struggled with this issue as well. Only other thing I can say is that lock-tite has been suggested by some to prevent the fasteners backing out. I am going to try that next go-around
  7. ecgreen

    Rear floor sill

    Make sure to post up when you do it. Would love to see the results
  8. ecgreen

    1986 Bii overhead 4x4 switch console?

    Did you check ebay?
  9. ecgreen

    Source for finding an engine for an 85 Bronco 2

    it will search local salvage yards. I give them a call and then drive to pick up. I have had an engine shipped before from a yard using that site.
  10. ecgreen

    Source for finding an engine for an 85 Bronco 2

    car-part.com I get most of my used B2 stuff using that site
  11. ecgreen

    B2 or Ranger non AC heater box

    I found mine on ebay. Tough to track these down sometimes
  12. ecgreen

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Didn't do anything to the B2 today, but I started insulating my shop so I can work on her in the winter.
  13. ecgreen

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Alright I want those! Tonight my 9 year old and I installed some new Kenwood speakers in the back of the B2. Then we took a night ride in the woods. Good stuff.
  14. ecgreen

    Bronco II Front drive shaft

  15. ecgreen

    1986 Eddie Bauer

    Look forward to the build thread!
  16. ecgreen

    Rear Bench Seat

    What model seat? I am thinking the Moab seats
  17. ecgreen

    Rear Bench Seat

    I just went out and measured 42 inches between the wheel wells.
  18. ecgreen

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Still good videos...lol
  19. ecgreen

    Rear Bench Seat

    I can measure my 89 for you today. I'll post back. I am very interested in this swap! I am going to do front Corbeau this winter. Are you getting the brackets too?
  20. ecgreen

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Indeed I am...🆒. Here is the link to his channel. I think this is the same one, yes? Some great info on the build: Click Here