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  1. 4x4junkie

    89 B2 Build Thread

    You can swap over the t-case yoke/flange no problem. Both should be 1350s. Nice score. :icon_thumby:
  2. 4x4junkie

    '89 Bronco II build

    Save those GM ends... You'll probably need them when you go to put a D35 under there (it's a little wider).
  3. 4x4junkie

    Brake Rotor

    I strongly disagree with using a new race with an old (or different brand) bearing. Bearings & races wear into, or are 'mated' with each other after a bit. If you change one, the other should be changed as well. If the bearings are still in good shape w/fairly low miles, I'd put the races from...
  4. 4x4junkie

    Bronco II Fuel Lines

    Glad to hear you got it together. I did battle with these connectors myself a couple years ago... Seems Dorman either doesn't have their part numbers correct for this application or maybe they don't even make the right replacement connector at all (not one of the parts I bought would fit...
  5. 4x4junkie

    just few questions.

    Mine has plenty adequate top-end power... It's the low-end torque that's nothing worth raving about (pretty normal for a 2.9L). I suggest you go get a timing light for it.
  6. 4x4junkie

    Fuel filler hose

    I replaced my fuel filler neck with a Ranger one also (said to fit a longbed truck). The tank end of the Ranger hose was a slight bit larger, but it'll still clamp around the BII tank opening once you tighten down the hose clamp.
  7. 4x4junkie

    Towing a Boat

    I've used mine to tow a 6'x12' enclosed trailer on occasion with a weight around 3500lbs depending what I'm hauling. No doubt I can tell it's back there, but the 2.9L does maintain 65 MPH no problem if not on a grade while getting around 15 mpg. I agree with wildbill23c, your axle gear-to-tire...
  8. 4x4junkie

    Bronco II gas mileage

    Mine was getting around 26 mpg on the highway @ 60 or so mph before I lifted it. 2.9L, FM146 5-speed, 3.73 gears, 205/75R15 tires. When I had my 35" BFG MTs (with 5.13:1 gears), it dropped to around 22-23 at the same speed. Now with Goodyear MT/R-Ks and a M5OD it's down in the 20-21 range. :sad:
  9. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    That's basically what I did, yeah. What I did was put the axle beams as far forward as I could while maintaining about ½ - ¾ inch clearance between the axle shaft and the driverside beam's pivot bolt (nut facing front of vehicle), and then marked the RA bracket holes for drilling. This actually...
  10. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    Wow, I guess I somehow missed that one. (thread was rockin' pretty quick for a bit) Appreciate that Bobby. You're absolutely correct, it is more of a practical-built do-it-all rig for some campin' & wheelin' on the go (some of the nerds out there these days like to call it "overlanding" but I...
  11. 4x4junkie

    Headliner replacement with pics

    One thing I can tell you for sure, do NOT use Permatex adhesive. I made that mistake with mine and it started coming apart after not even 6 months (used over 1½ cans of the stuff too = $$$). I've heard several say 3M's stuff is good.
  12. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    Yep. D35s can also be found in some 3.0L trucks, and all '91-'92 trucks regardless of motor. Beware of the "hybrid" D28/35 in some '93-'97 non-4.0L trucks though, you don't want one of those (pretty much all '93-'97 2.3 trucks have the hybrid axle). Info to I.D. them here...
  13. 4x4junkie

    '89 Bronco II build

    Lookin' good :icon_thumby: Do get that steering linkage down further though.
  14. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    '90-'97 4WD 4.0L Rangers & Explorers. '90 2.9L 4WD Rangers & BIIs (though M5ODs are more rare in these) You're not gonna tell us the city you're located in? (or maybe put it in your profile info)
  15. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    Didn't answer the question... The FM145 is OK at best. I would swap it for a M5OD instead of rebuilding the FM145, but would run the 145 at least until it comes down with an issue (unless you were to do a 4.0L swap, then the 145 is likely to be a very short-timer).
  16. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    No you can't 3-link a TTB. You could do a form of a parallel 4-link (which would reduce/eliminate caster change), though if you have long enough radius arms (12-15" over stock), I don't think the difference would be very noticeable (and RAs would be less complex). Where are you that you can't...
  17. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    Ugh.... Another soul must be trapped in the solid-axle-is-better thinking again if they think a D30 is somehow a better option than the D35 that bolts right in... :no2: SAS = D44 absolute minimum. Anything less is 100% pointless (and even at that, the D44 isn't much above the D35, better...
  18. 4x4junkie

    dual T-case in a B II

    Plenty of length available (should end up around 25" or so if you have a M5OD in there). Just be sure to use a double-cardan style rear driveshaft and tip the rear pinion up a bit toward your t-case if needed.
  19. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    You're making this wwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too complicated. :icon_confused: Like said, the BII frame is more than plenty strong (same thickness as a F-150 frame in fact). In 20 years of twisting & contorting my Ranger and my BII offroad, I've never once had an issue with the frame (something I...
  20. 4x4junkie

    B2 on the Rubicon Trail!

    UrbanRedneckKid summed it up pretty well... If you want to pay $$$ for pre-made parts and have a shop bolt them on for you, = Buy a J**p If you want to build your rig how YOU want it, = buy/build your BII (or like said, anything with a frame can work). The common-swap D35 & 8.8" axles for...