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  1. mhughes165

    bronco II to explorer?

    where u located at man, that looks like a truck that was for sale in jersey a while back, kid that built it lived town over from me, its got about 5.5" of lift, 5.13's front and rear lockrights if im not mistaken, the rears will bolt right into the explorer, just have to move spring mounts on...
  2. mhughes165

    does anyone have a pic of a b2 with xd wheels

    realisically depends on what kind of look you want, a 16" rim is the biggest i would go on the bronco 2, there just isnt enough truck to justify any bigger, esp in 4wd form. my taste in wheels wouldnt suit you, i would just go simple and clean like a nice set of alcoa's would look sweet under a b2
  3. mhughes165

    does anyone have a pic of a b2 with xd wheels

    disbelief in the fact that said post was ever created in the first place.... u ever wonder why u never see something like that, there is probably a good reason
  4. mhughes165

    does anyone have a pic of a b2 with xd wheels

    the thought alone made me throwup in my mouth a little bit.... i hope that is something i NEVER see:shok:
  5. mhughes165

    '93 Explorer: A4LD to FM146 swap?

    there are many ways you can do this, if u decide to run the 146 you will be pleasantly suprised as you will have a gearing benifit most people neglect to think about, the 146 and m50d arent really any difference in strength wise, i see just as many failures of the m50d as 145-146 and tk5s. ive...
  6. mhughes165

    My Explorer project...

    honestly i would add a spring or two to that rear pack while the new centerpins are still good to remove, it will level it out alot maybe a slight rake forward, you sitting low in the back like u will can reak havoc on your steering aswell, keep in mind ever degree lower u are in the back is...
  7. mhughes165

    4.0 SOHC vs 4.0 SOHC

    yup, swap it all
  8. mhughes165

    You got to read this

    im so glad to see im not the only one that messes with companies like that:headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang:
  9. mhughes165

    B2 explorer lift

    brand wont really matter, as duralast just repackages other companies parts
  10. mhughes165

    Explorer Mileage

    my speedo was off by about 10%, but it was exactly 10% at 50 mph, so if my speedo said 50 i was truly doing 55. most guys on the board here get well above 20 out of there v8 rangers, its a motor designed to push say a FSB pushing a considerably lighter b2, a FSB on its best day will only see...
  11. mhughes165

    Explorer Mileage

    remember, power to weight, a small block powered RBV on most days will get considerably better mileage then a geared stock motor truck, and most people on here with v8 trucks get well over 20mpg, personally i was getting 23 mpg on average with mixed driving in town and around here, top speed...
  12. mhughes165

    Explorer Mileage

    if your b2 truly gets the mileage u claim hold onto it and never let it go, thats unheard of for mileage of a b2 that does not have a smallblock in it
  13. mhughes165

    1993 explorer - elec. problem

    does your 4wd work properly?
  14. mhughes165

    1989 Bronco II fuel tank and pump what will fit?

    im not sure whats so confusing....rangers and bronco 2's have different tanks, simple as that, so of course the complete assembly would be different, the high pressure pump in tank by itself is the same however. so you can interchange just the pump between the two but not the assembly and...
  15. mhughes165

    My Bronco II!!

    they are good starters, i have used them for years with never a issue like that, i doubt the starter is the problem, more then likely he kept buying advance auto generic no name starter solenoids, every ford i have known togo through them that was the culprit
  16. mhughes165

    Mitsubishi FM145 and 4.0

    well, there are those that read and say oh no it cant be done itll blow sky high, and then there are those that have done it, I HAVE DONE IT, in a 91 explorer 4 door, the fm 145 will hold up just find behind a 4.0, just make sure you keep the fluid level topped off and clean. i did one of these...
  17. mhughes165

    d44 question, ttb/sa gears the same?

    alright guys lol, well the ones that snake my thread out anyways, im starting to get a 44 ready for the front of the bronco 2, im in the tear down process but am left wondering, i currently have 3.50 gears in it, i need 3.73's i have access to a ttb d44 pig with the 3.73's my question is the...
  18. mhughes165

    Full Width on 33's or 35's

    there are no pictures of it because noone has ever been foolish enough todo it
  19. mhughes165

    Flipped bii pictures

    tis a shame, i almost had that happen to me the other day, doin donuts in the sand caught a rut and almost went to the tipping point, honestly my death grip on the wheel probably kept me balanced enough to not fall over lol
  20. mhughes165

    Finally starting to tear into the B2...

    for headers you are going to want to find a 88+ 2.9 computer and grab that and the throttle body and egr block off plate they have, and suddenly your 2.9 will come to life