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  1. tidmarshsmiths5

    One wire away! Broncos almost together.

    I'm jealous! That's an awesome start! That paint must be expensive but well worth it and looks great - waterproof! Man, that's a lot of wires! Hope Mills - got relatives up there and in Sanford (Uncle used to work for Campbells Soup Co) and I was stationed at Bragg. Looking forward to seeing...
  2. tidmarshsmiths5

    Recent Tornado killed my 90 BII

    That's a shame - I'll keep an eye out up here in the Carolinas for a decent 89-90.
  3. tidmarshsmiths5

    Sacrelig...or not...replacing lights

    On a whim, bought a complete set of exterior lights (Tru brite or tru glo) to replace my old faded ones. Mind you the originals are not in bad shape but I got all of the new ones for $69 shipping and all. Anyway, I'm goofy...I like the original stuff especially because it has little Ford...
  4. tidmarshsmiths5

    1988 factory radio wire colors - not out of the dash but out of the radio

    I'm sure the one harness is power but what are the wires for? These are out of the factory radio (putting a 88 stereo into an 85). Any/all help is appreciated.
  5. tidmarshsmiths5

    How do you remove this piece

    I need to remove the piece that covers my shift light, brake, seatbelt, 4x4...the piece I removed from the donor vehicle is slightly different (88 and mines an 85). My turn signal piece is square and this one is round...also, for some reason I don't have the piece that covers this on the one I...
  6. tidmarshsmiths5

    Best way to clean plastic that covers speedo, gauges

    Have some sort of "stain" on there - have tried everything to get it off but it's in the plastic. There's a local guy that will clean these but I'd rather do it myself and save the money. How do you get the plastic to look like new - with sunglare its hard to read the gauges.
  7. tidmarshsmiths5

    Bronco II Parts for Sale, Upstate South Carolina

    This is not my truck, but I bought some parts off Jim for mine. He'll take $550 for the whole truck - it's straight and no rust - what a shame to part it out. I'm going tomorrow to pull a few more parts - actually feel bad doing it. He said anyone can call him between the hours of 8AM and...
  8. tidmarshsmiths5

    Found a roof rack off an 88 for my 85

    A guy nearby is parting out a Bronco II (88 model)...many good parts, wish I had money to spare for the whole thing - said he'd sell it to me for $500. 2.9 is blown in it, but the tranny is good... Picked up a new hatch cover today (same color as mine even though the Bronco II is blue - go...
  9. tidmarshsmiths5

    Rear Lift Gate Repair

    Well, I've been looking for a reason to take it off, sand up in the channels, paint to prevent surface rust, fix that aggravating Glass/Gate Handle, put on new pieces on the side (the parts that catch the stud and keep it closed, etc...), fiberglass/repair the broken fiberglass where said door...
  10. tidmarshsmiths5

    My 1985 - getting there

    I promise it looks WAY BETTER in pics than in person, but I've got a good base to start with...washed, waxed and polished it this evening...just waiting to win the lottery to make it look 100% restored...I love this little SUV...
  11. tidmarshsmiths5

    How does this spring go on????

    One hook into the adjuster, one hook into the front shoe...but darn if I can get it to "look like the picture" in the manual...
  12. tidmarshsmiths5

    1990 Bronco II vs 1985 Bronco II

    Found a nice 1990 Bronco II; reasonably priced; 2 owner...solid to great shape for 24 years - needs nothing even the A/C blows cold. I've always been more fond of the 85-88 models (goofy I know), but I like their look better on the front. My 85 needs a motor rebuild at some point (not today...
  13. tidmarshsmiths5

    Duraspark Conversion

    I'm going to buy one...suppose I'll go in with parts list and start picking up parts until I get them all. Went last night and did some price checking/shopping at autozone to compare to rockauto - try to use rockauto when I can...
  14. tidmarshsmiths5

    Duraspark Conversion

    Autoline Remanufactured Carburetor Be the first to review Part No. C8072 So, if I buy this carb - I should be good to go on jets (no need to change etc and it's for a manual)?
  15. tidmarshsmiths5

    Duraspark Conversion

    Ok...I'm getting parts ready...on the hunt for a Holley 350 (prolly get it from Summit Racing) - is it better than the 2150 or just the same, different name? I don't want to have to change out venturii's or whatever you guys have to do to swap jets, etc... Looking for as much plug n play as I...
  16. tidmarshsmiths5

    Remove rear main and front seal without removing motor out of engine bay?

    Question: Can I change out the front seal, rear main seal (will go ahead and clutch it while here) without pulling the engine? In other words, I'm going to have to remove radiator, timing chain cover, etc and remove clutch and change out rear main seal...is all this possible without removing...
  17. tidmarshsmiths5

    Know why you fix your brakes yourself?

    Because if you pay someone, you get to spend 3 hours on a Sunday re-doing them when a part comes off because they didn't install a parking brake adjuster spring. BUT the good news is they did tell me I put the wrong adjuster (put a R on a left hand side adjuster) which is why my parking brake...
  18. tidmarshsmiths5

    Cost of new exhaust?

    Alright, I've had enough of my rumble trap exhaust and all the noise it makes...plus it's got more holes in it than a politician's promise... Anyway, from the Y back the guy told me all new (higher flow Cat), he'd charge me $325...just seems high to me...I was thinking probably $200 mark...
  19. tidmarshsmiths5

    Leaf Springs

    I've read the tech articles...on the hunt for some 91-92 Explorer leaf springs (I assume any year until 94 will work "easiest"). If anyone has a pair they want to sell, let me know. Salvage yards are the best bet (cheapest looks like) or would I be best trying to buy them new online from...
  20. tidmarshsmiths5

    Removing driveshafts

    Is there a sticky/best how to on removing rear driveshaft? Yeah, that tink tink noise I've been hearing was the u-joints giving way and the awful vibration noise I heard the other night was the driveshaft falling down onto the yoke but she got me home by George! I know it's just 8 bolts looks...