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  1. jkufen

    Well the b2 finally bit the dust.

    Well after 2 years of pure hell my b2 has finally called it quits. Its not really messed up too bad I just think I blew out a wheel bearing which when the wheel bearing went the tire kicked out and broke the 4wd hub and who knows what else. I was doing about 70 mph on the interstate and about 5...
  2. jkufen

    B2 putting in work!

    I just wanted to gloat a little bit about how tough my 86 B2 has been. It is completely stock and I have done things with it that some of my buddies full sizes have had trouble doing. This past weekend a friend of mine called me and said that he had a 35' driving RV that he needed help moving to...
  3. jkufen

    Are carb motors ok for rock climbing?

    Just curious I have heard that carb motors are not good for rock climbing. I have been told the issue is when the motor is tilted on extreme levels. I was just curious if anyone here has a carb motor that they have had at extreme angles. The reason I am asking is because I am looking at donor...
  4. jkufen

    Some questions about a front and rear 4 link.

    Right now I am in the process of bagging and body dropping my 1958 Chevrolet Panel Truck and I am working on a 4 link rear suspension for it. After this project is done I am going to build my 86 B2. I am looking to 4 link the front and rear and have a few questions about it. I know with my 58...
  5. jkufen

    Need quick help on brake question

    I am replacing the front pads on my 86 b2. I need it running by tomorrow afternoon. I have the old pads off and the new ones ready to go on and then i hit a snag. The clips that go on the inner brake pad.... is there suppose to be 2 clips per pad or is it just one? The new pads didn't come with...
  6. jkufen

    Ideas for home made snorkel kit??

    Well I have been wheeling my b2 now for a little over a year and a couple of time I have found myself in deeper water than i needed to be in. I have thought about doing a snorkel kit and the ones I have seen that were kits you bought were running almost $1000. I was just curious if any other...
  7. jkufen

    Has anyone tried the single stage paint from advance auto?

    Well I have been repairing my 91 ranger and my 86 b2 and they are in the Frankenstein stage meaning all the parts are different colors. I was wanting to paint them both myself to just try my hand at painting. I know the technique just never actually tried it. Neither one of my vehicles have body...
  8. jkufen

    1991 Ford Ranger Temp Gauge Connection

    Well since I have had my 91 Ranger the temp gauge has never worked. Well I am now in the process of trying to repair everything and get everything working. I was just curious if anyone could point out on the 4.0 where the temp gauge is located. I was just wanting to get it working because...
  9. jkufen

    1991 Ford Ranger Blower Motor Relay Location?

    I am having issues with my 91 ranger's ac. There is no power at the plug for the blower motor or resistor. There is power at the fan switch on the panel. If I put my ohm meter from the blower motor to the fan switch I get a positive reading so that tells me everything in that circuit is good...
  10. jkufen

    86 B2 electrical/fuel pump issues?

    Well I went to a buddies house last night to help get his old Toyota running and after about 3 hours there I tried to leave and my b2 wouldn't crank. It just keep spinning and spinning. Well I am very familiar with a bad fuel pump as this is my 3rd. I towed it home and got underneath it today. I...
  11. jkufen

    Durhamtown Plantation, Georgia

    Well made a trip to Durhamtown Plantation this weekend and it was a blast. The park is 6,000 acres and the brochure says it is the largest off road park in the U.S. The majority of the park is for dirtbikes, atvs, and side by sides but there is a large area for trucks. It was the first time I...
  12. jkufen

    Rebuilding a 2.9 and would like to "slim it down"

    I am about to rebuild my 2.9 in my b2 and I was wondering if there are some systems that I can delete and the motor still run well. We just rebuild the motor in my buddies 85 Toyota and we deleted the majority of the smog stuff and even down to the power steering, but we got the motor down to...
  13. jkufen

    Need some advice 4.0 swap or no 4.0 swap.

    I know there has been many threads posted about the 4.0 swap and this is another one :thefinger:. Just curious next summer I am going to be make the transition from daily driver 86 B2 to a rock crawling 86 B2. Well am going to be tearing it down to the frame and building it back up. Right now I...
  14. jkufen

    Any idea what the average amperage a winch uses?

    I have a Warn 9,000 pound winch on the front of my b2 and I am in the process of making a battery isolator for my two batteries. I found the diagram that says cheap battery isolator for $50 so that is what I am using for my setup. Just curious though how much amperage would my winch pull? The...
  15. jkufen

    Is there a limit on CCA for my b2?

    I just got my new battery today for the winch today and was curious if there is a limit on how many CCA my factory b2 can take. The battery I got is rated at 950 CCA and I don't want to burn anything up. Right now that battery is going to be for the winch but I am wanting to get one to power the...
  16. jkufen

    Anyone try soft doors on B2 like Jeep?

    Just curious if anyone has tried and design soft doors like jeep has on their B2. Even the removable hard doors would be sweet. I just didnt know if you took the bracket from a jeep and fabricated a door to the brackets where it was removable if that would work. I am working on building my B2...
  17. jkufen

    Need battery advice for 86 B2

    That sounds like a good plan. My cruise control doesnt work so I could remove all of that and make room for maybe 2 batteries. My goal hopefully next summer when I start my rock crawler project is the move the batteries into the floor board between the front and back seat and make a compartment...
  18. jkufen

    Need battery advice for 86 B2

    Ok that is what I will do then I checked the truck today and the battery is still holding a charge so I wont have to buy a battery and can work on getting another battery for the winch.
  19. jkufen

    Need battery advice for 86 B2

    So a deep cycle battery like a marine battery? Or do they make deep cycle batteries that aren't marine batteries? I am working on getting a 3 battery system but right now just don't have the funds or the room to install them anywhere.
  20. jkufen

    Need battery advice for 86 B2

    I believe I am in need of a new battery for my B2. It jumped it and charged it today so I will see if it is still charged tomorrow or not but I just had to put a new alternator in it because my winch burned up the old one. If it turns out to be bad are there any suggestions on an adequate...