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  1. deathbypsi

    He's out!

    Very cool!
  2. deathbypsi

    getting ready for the V8

    You need a dual hump oil pan and pick up tube for a foxbody. Check out my build thread and my vids on youtube as I think they will answer most of your questions. http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174354 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBWtrBLQMn4
  3. deathbypsi

    My SAS and V8 vids

    Just wanted to share these with everyone and see if it will help others or help make up somebodys mind who is considering doing a axle swap or v8 swap or BOTH! I drug this $150 truck home last summer and rolled it in the shop the day after Xmas. 4 months later here it is almost ready for its...
  4. deathbypsi

    302, manual trans, & transfer case from 92 F-150 to 90 Bronco II

    I would start off taking some measurements before you get to deep into that drivetrain. That motor,trans and t-case combo is really long and that t-case is really wide compared to the stock stuff. Id be concerned about how short that rear shaft would be and fitting that t-case inside the...
  5. deathbypsi

    Rollcall! SAS & V8 members

    Been about 4 years since I got out of the B2 game but now Im back again. I see this forum looks kinda slow now but I figured Id post up my new project anyway. I was curious how many people still checking in here that are part of the v8 and/or SAS club. My last B2 was a 90 I did a efi 5.0/c4...
  6. deathbypsi

    removable rear hatch window?

    On my new 86 project I plan to remove the factory rear side windows and make snap in soft covers like I had on my last 90 B2. My 90 had a fixed rear glass window on the hatch which I always wished I could remove as well. Well my 86 has the opening rear window so I was wondering has anyone...
  7. deathbypsi

    B2 passenger seat track

    need a seat track for the passenger side for my 86 Will need shipped to Temperance Mi 48182
  8. deathbypsi

    question for you 302 guys...

    Doin 70mph in the slow lane is right around 2500rpm for mine. Wish I would have gone with 4.56 gears and a AOD tho. Also I strongly suggest looking into going EFI. You will never get a carb to pull this kind of mileage unless your a carb tuning god. Wiring my truck was very simple for the efi...
  9. deathbypsi

    question for you 302 guys...

    My 90 B2 had a stock 2.9/a4ld with 3.73's and 35" KM2's. It got 10mpg at best. I then swapped in a EFI 5.0 out of a 87 Mustang,c4 trans and the same axles and tires. I now get 18mpg+ on the highway and around 15-16 around town. I actually drive it to work everyday now {100miles round trup}...
  10. deathbypsi

    Newbie from NJ 1990 Bronco II

    Wow looks clean!!
  11. deathbypsi

    My Bronco II!!

    In for updates!