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    $250 1988 Bii 'Field Find'

    The 2.9L V6 is pretty anemic itself I don't think you would like driving one around with a 4 cylinder in it.
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    1986 Bronco II 2.9 engine

    Fuel pump cut off switch under the dash on passenger side foot well...they get weak and the slightest bump can trip them. Had that happen with my 88 Bronco 2.
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    1986 Bii overhead 4x4 switch console?

    Find your local pick a part yards and make a few trips in there occasionally...Bronco 2's and Rangers had the same overhead push button system I believe, but finding them is getting harder and harder as more and more of these vehicles go to the crusher. Maybe find a newer SUV that's been...
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    Finally Found One!

    HAHA, that's kind of what I wonder about with my 2008 Explorer...would it make it through the 2 feet of snow that we had a couple years ago....I'd be driving my Bronco 2 I'm sure, it made it in and out of my driveway just fine when we had all that snow....not sure if the Explorer would do it or...
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    Finally Found One!

    I'd rather have a 2 door "BRONCO", not an Explorer rebadged as a Bronco...the Explorer/Bronco were never based on each other, the Bronco was an F150 based truck...the Explorer/Ranger shared parts after the Bronco 2 was gone. Yeah a family needs a 4 door, but I have an Explorer if I want to haul...
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    Finally Found One!

    I'd rather have a 2 door Bronco LOL...that 4 door thing ain't a Bronco, just a squared off version of an Explorer. Why is it automakers bring back vehicle names but they grow extra sets of doors. The 4 door Bronco looks quite a bit wider than a 1st Gen...or rather any version of an actual...
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    Finally Found One!

    For me the base model would be just fine, my 88 Bronco 2 will go wherever I'd ever feel like going, so I'd think a 30+ year newer vehicle should at least be able to do that LOL. I just wish they'd at least offer a limited slip option in the base model without having to pay $6k+ for a bunch of...
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    Finally Found One!

    Kind of defeats the purpose of a base model I'd think especially for the what $6k+ price tag, might as well just get the offroad model why would you order a base model and add the offroad package, wouldn't it make more sense to just get the offroad model? That's what didn't make sense to me.
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    Finally Found One!

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was thinking the same engine as well. I try to be pretty easy on my vehicles, they have to last me 10+ years, can't afford to be replacing them every couple years with the ridiculous prices they carry anymore. For me it would just be a daily driver, go to the...
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    Finally Found One!

    I'd rather just have the base model 2 door. Nothing in the higher end offroad models that I need or want...I don't venture offroad far enough to need a lift, oversized tires, and lockers...I wish they'd offer a factory limited slip, that would be plenty for anything I'd ever venture into...my...
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    2021 Bronco Production Update

    Did they change your delivery date too, or just changing prices so far? Curious as to what's going to happen with all those orders, if its going to cause changes in delivery for buyers. I think they should be deducting say $50 per day off the invoice that you have to wait on delivery LOL, bet...
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    IDFK What's going on with my 2.9l. Starts and runs fine when cold, when warm it jerks and starts with misfire... sometimes.

    I usually get around 12-14mpg around town depending on the time of the year. Winter its lower as I have to warm the thing up before I can drive it, kind of hard to see where you are going when there's ice on all the windows inside and out LOL. In the summer its lower because of the AC usage...
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    IDFK What's going on with my 2.9l. Starts and runs fine when cold, when warm it jerks and starts with misfire... sometimes.

    Yep, AC is most likely low on refrigerant. It'll cause rapid cycling of the AC compressor. If it hasn't been converted to R134A, you'll have to do that before you add refrigerant. Grab an adapter kit, a vacuum pump, a gauge set, and refrigerant evacuate the system, then put the system under...
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    2021 Bronco Production Update

    HAHA, so they think a $500 sound deadening package that's nothing more than a few dollars worth of cheap insulation in a few places. As well as couple of vouchers to an accessory place to get accessories for a vehicle nobody has yet is going to make up for their lack of production. Seriously...
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    A4LD Tranny to 302

    Given how weak the A4LD is in the first place behind a tiny V6, I don't think I'd want to put it behind a 302. I'm sure with enough money you could get someone to build an adapter for it. In stock form I don't recall the A4LD working with any V8's as a direct bolt on. You'd also really want...
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    1990 Bronco 2 tailgate handle

    I believe the only thing you need to do is drill out the center hole larger as the 1st gen explorer handle center piece is larger in diameter, and by the looks of it you'd have to slightly enlarge the 2 outside holes as well. I do have the 1st gen explorer handle if I ever need it, but was...
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    Rear speaker conundrum

    Maybe one had the "premium sound" system and your current one doesn't. Not sure if they changed speakers for the so called "Premium" radio or not, not sure what is premium because the stereo doesn't even work in mine LOL. Doesn't work in my Ranger either, must be a Ford thing. Both of the...
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    Grinding noise coming from the front?

    Bearings maybe growling/grinding under load? Only thing I can really think of. Mine is the same way, if I engage 4WD with the hubs unlocked there's no noise as there isn't any load on the front bearings its just the driveshaft and front 1/2 shafts spinning without any connection to the wheel...
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    Do I need to back up

    You can just unlock them but until you drive in the opposite direction for about 10 feet they're going to remain engaged as they remain under tension, yep same for auto hubs as well. Until you reverse direction from whatever way you were going when you shifted out of 4WD you'll have to backup a...
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    First Post + Basic Questions

    Remove the lift and those ridiculously oversized tires and your uphill struggles will diminish quite a bit. The poor thing is already quite lacking in power already, adding the lift and ridiculously oversized tires made it 100x worse. If you want the lift and oversized tires at that point...