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  1. kayakcrazy

    85 bronco 2 budget build

    Congrats on the truck. I've always like the size and styling of the b2. Reminds me of the old first generation Broncos. As far as ideas the forum iis a great way to make a huge wish list. Reality, if your just wanting a good weekend warrior and Dailey driver you don't have to modify it a...
  2. kayakcrazy

    88 B2 budget beater build

    dig the chop. They are fun and make it a little different too. what's your plan for the inner fender wells?
  3. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    Couple of things since I last posted. Cut the front fenders. Used expedition fender flares to pattern and cover the cuts. Gave me a little more room for tires. I ran into a snag on cutting the rear and its going to take a little sheet metal work to get the look I want so those have been delayed...
  4. kayakcrazy

    Jspafford's former ride

    Looks great!
  5. kayakcrazy

    1984 Bronco II project thread

    The power range/torque on the 2.9 tends to be at a higher rpm than your used to with the 390. You could probably use gears as well with 33s
  6. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    Loading up for the first paddling trip with the rack. I was pretty happy with how it worked and the noise level. upside to the dip in the bed....cooler fits perfect!:beer:
  7. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    Thanks it's growing on me. After I use it some I'll know what tweaks I want to make
  8. kayakcrazy

    Jspafford's former ride

    Looks great. I'm envious of your body work skills, I'm learning as I go. getting better but still a ways to go.
  9. kayakcrazy

    first trip with the boat

    Took the boat out this weekend for the first time. B2 did fine. You can sure feel it behind you but I don't have to pull it far to put in. In and out of the ramp is no problem but I wouldn't want to try and pull it down the interstate at any speed.
  10. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    I planned on partially over the cab. I want it solely attached to the rack so if I want to take it out it comes out in one piece. I'm not totally happy with the width of the roof rack. Mainly looks, from the front it looks too narrow for the truck. May end up with something different but for...
  11. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    made some tweaks, then this is the finished product. driving it today to test for rattles and noise. So far so good. Gonna leave it as is for now do a little hauling on it to see what tweaks I need to do. Then when I get the whole bed like I want it Ill bed coat it all.
  12. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    first test fit for the rack
  13. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    Started working on my expedition rack. I know, I know, it looks like a roll bar. It wont quite as much when I get the roof rack on and I didn't want it to look like a camper shell frame. Its not built to be a roll bar but the front bar is heavy enough to add some strength. Maybe get it finished...
  14. kayakcrazy

    84 b2 body on 77 f150 chassis with 302

    Motor looks great, really looking forward to seeing your progress. I know what you mean about slow progress. I've also been gathering parts and trying to put a little money aside to feed my addiction.
  15. kayakcrazy

    windows to a good home

    Thought I would try one more time before I threw them out. Anyone need a set of side windows for a B2? don't need them since the chop and I hate to toss them, I imagine they are expensive to replace. FREE to a good home
  16. kayakcrazy

    question on camber bushings

    I have a line on some jeep springs and have read about using camber bushing to keep from using the center drop bracket. How much can the camber bushings make up for? I don't think it will be over a couple of inches of lift but I want to be able to align the front end as to not eat the new...
  17. kayakcrazy

    89 b2 build

    Thanks. I like how it turned out. Tested it hauling camping gear this weekend. The depression in the bed turned out to be very useful. Cooler fits perfect,:beer:
  18. kayakcrazy

    weekend camping and wheeling

    and of course a healthy camp breakfast:icon_thumby:
  19. kayakcrazy

    weekend camping and wheeling

    awesome flex from the stock suspension:icon_rofl: lifted a wheel pretty quickly. Stopped to watch the four wheeler play
  20. kayakcrazy

    weekend camping and wheeling

    little wheeling fun