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    Need suggestions on vent windows for 87

    Has anyone come across replacement parts for vent windows; rubber seal, metal frame, etc? Also has anyone swapped out the vent windows for a full size window?
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    Need wire colors for master cylinder plug

    I have 2 live wires that I am trying to find where they go on my 87 bronco II. The master cylinder is missing its plug and I am wondering if they are for that plug. Also, I am assuming the plug is for the ABS sensor? My ABS light is on.
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    Need part number for low oil sensor wiring harness

    Does anyone have the part number for the low oil sensor wiring harness for an 87 bronco II?
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    Where to find connector plug mounted in trans housing to the valve body?

    Does anyone know where I can get a connector plug that is mounted in the transmission housing to the valve body. This is for the torque converter clutch lockup for overdrive. This would be for a 1987 B2 4wd A4LD trans. Black numbers appear on the side of the connector 37186. I tried to...
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    TCC lockup and OD connector difference 87 and late 88

    Anyone know the difference in wiring for the torque converter clutch lockup and overdrive from an 87 B2 and a late model 88 B2? The 87 has 2 wires (red and orange w/blue) and the 88 has 3 wires (red, orange w/blue and white). Is the white wire a ground and if so, does the computer control the...
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    Limited Supply clear tail lights Bronco 2 for purchase!

    This seller has a limited supply of clear tail lights for purchase (12-15?). I found this seller while searching ebay and purchased a set, only mine does not have the red bulb like in the attached picture, which I plan to use a red LED bulb for mine. My set is trimmed in silver. If you dont...
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    Clear side marker lights for 87 B2

    I know this has been talked about a few years back and I did not see anything recent. Does anyone know who all may sell the clear side marker lights for the 1st gen B2/Ranger? I know LMC has them but there price seams a little high. Just picked up a set of clear tail lights and will be...
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    Wiring 91 Exp dash in 87 BII

    I am looking to upgrade the dash in my 87 BII and of course the wiring harness at the firewall is totally different on the 91. Anyone have any suggestions on making this a smooth transition? The red B2 is an 87 and the blue is a late 88 (89 model year) B2 and the plug on the plug on the...