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  1. JohnnyO

    Auto 4x4 hubs

    I'd say replace them with manuals. Last longer and less troublesome.
  2. JohnnyO

    close fitting hitch

    I had a Hidden Hitch on my previous Sport Trac, it tucked pretty close to the bumper.
  3. JohnnyO

    2x4 to 4x4

    BII's are slightly easier in the sense that 4x2's use a dummy t-case.
  4. JohnnyO

    Can explorers be made to look cool?

    This one is slightly cheating because it's a 2wd and easier to lift. Still, it's on 37's, hiding a 350 Chevy under the hood, and rewired like a street rod.
  5. JohnnyO

    32s on stock Explorer

    Jeep wheels have more backspace than stock Explorer or Ranger wheels, meaning that the tires are more likely to rub on the inside.
  6. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    I found a dash mounting bracket but I'm not dropping $40 for a piece of bent metal. http://www.xm-radio-satellite.com/browseproducts/XM-Radio-Mounting-Bracket-For-Ford-Explorer-Sport-Trac.HTML
  7. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    I could Velcro the radar detector up high but I'd still have to run a wire to the bastard. Where it is the wire isn't in the way. Like to get the XM out of the way but I lease a new truck through my company every three years, have a year and a half to go on this one, so I'm not in a mood to...
  8. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    Actually I'd kinda like the backup camera to be on all the time like the one in my bud's 33' motorhome. :icon_twisted:
  9. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    To be an organizer you need information. And I get a lot of information, LOL.
  10. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    Today the thought occurred that maybe I have too much crap. L to R: GPS, backup camera monitor, radar detector, XM. Actually the GPS and radar are only there when I need them.
  11. JohnnyO

    foxbody mustang on bronco II frame

    Seeing that a Mustang is a unibody and a BII is body-on-frame you'll probably have to do some cutting. BTW (1), hybrids usually look like ass. .02 BTW (2), the Mustang in the pic is an '84 and not an '85. Not to be picky. :icon_twisted:
  12. JohnnyO

    lifts vs tire size

    I agree.
  13. JohnnyO

    NSS bypass?

    If it won't start in Park, try starting it in Neutral. That's worked for me sometimes.
  14. JohnnyO

    v8 swap questions

    Memory is fuzzy, but a long time ago I had a V6 T-bird with a C5 that ended up needing rebuilt and I think a C5 is just a C4 with a lockup convertor and OD.