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  1. jmburton1993

    Lift gate handle?!

    had the same issue with mine and wound up replacing it with one from a 94 explorer, works perfect minor mods required (drilling out mounting holes)
  2. jmburton1993

    How should i gear?

    i have 4.56s with 31s in mine in the rear (7.5) still stock gears up front til i swap to a d35 but it has decent power with this setup and doesnt feel like its falling over itself
  3. jmburton1993

    Why is the price so high?

    yeah what 86 said, mine has a james duff lift, good tires, aftermarket rims, straight body, good paint tons of new parts, and i can't even get someone to buy it for 3k, will probably wind up taking 2600 for it at this point
  4. jmburton1993

    Recommendations for Nerf Bars/Hood Deflector for 1989 Bronco II

    I used to have some on an old bronco of mine that fit perfect they were made by carr i believe
  5. jmburton1993

    Picking up my next B2 Project

    That thing looks amazing! Where'd you get the front bumper at?
  6. jmburton1993

    Oil Pressure Problems

    After driving my bronco roughly 30 miles at 55mph anytime I come to a stop or press in the clutch my oil pressure gauge goes crazy bouncing all over the place until I tap the gas, I generally lose about a quart of oil in this time so maybe its just due to that but was wondering if this could be...
  7. jmburton1993

    Parking Brake Handle Issues

    The parking brake release handle on my b2 was broken off when I got it, any idea on how to replace it, the metal part broke off not simply the handle itself, will get pics tomorrow
  8. jmburton1993

    Rebuild my b2 or get a new car?

    Ok well after by lifted 01 explorer took a turn for the worse I cut my losses and got 2800 for it, now I'm at a crossroads as to what to do for a car. My 2800 wont go very far in the ways of getting a super reliable daily driver, however I have an 89 Bronco II i paid 1000 for back in January...
  9. jmburton1993

    90 BII 4.0 Swap

    im getting ready to do a swap from a 91 explorer into a 89 b2, any advice? and man that thing looks good
  10. jmburton1993

    Automatic Harness from 4.0 ranger into manual b2

    I have a 89 b2 i wanna swap a 4.0 into, i was wondering what needs to be done in order for the wiring harness to work from an automatic ranger in my manual bronco 2 with the m5. also im getting a deal on the 4.0 where i get the engine with 120k miles, engine and chassis harness, ecu, and a...
  11. jmburton1993

    Getting Ready to do a 4.0 swap, questions.

    Ok so I found a deal on a 4.0 from a 93 ranger with 120k includes wiring harness, chassis harness, ecu, and rebuilt a4ld (which i dont need). i have an 89 with the m5 trans. anyway i was wondering what else i will need and if there is anything i should be wary of. i know i will need a 4.0 rad...
  12. jmburton1993

    Coolant Temp Sensor

    ok thanks I'll check all this out asap, hopefully it will be one of these, I'll keep yall posted
  13. jmburton1993

    Coolant Temp Sensor

    heres some pics of the new truck
  14. jmburton1993

    Coolant Temp Sensor

    Well I sold my lifted 85 Wednesday and bought a stock 89, runs a lot better although it has some engine noise but I'll get that looked at eventually. Anyway its idling pretty high (roughly 1500 rpm) so I'm thinking it may be the IAC, however I read somewhere a bad coolant temp sensor could be...
  15. jmburton1993

    85 b2 gauges not working

    bought a 85 b2 about two months ago as a project (3rd b2, 1st with a carb not efi) anyway long story short it was durasparked by the p.o. (idk if that will have anything to do with my problem) but the entire left gauge cluster, consisting of fuel, battery, oil, and temp gauges is not working at...