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    1987 Bronco II radio question

    Okay I have a pretty puzzling problem here, I am installing a new radio head unit into my truck because the old one is pretty much shot but still has power and works just crackles and fades out of the stations a lot, besides that, I bought a radio harness adapter for the head unit and wired it...
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    Mystery Rough Idle Problem

    Thanks for the input Alaska, I actually stumbled upon a fuel related problem, hence the truck running VERY rich. The fuel pressure regulator diaphram is toast, it was spweing fuel from the vacuum line in the back. LOL who would have thought? A FPR... Thanks again though Alaska.
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    Mystery Rough Idle Problem

    I have a 88 BII with the 2.9 V6 and the Auto Tranny. Okay so the engine starts up fine when cold but gets a little finicky when i have been driving it for awhile. At low RPMs (800-1000) it starts to get shaky and feel like its going to die but doesn't until it hits down to about 500-600 RPMs...
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    Will a 1988 turbo coupe trans match the 1988 Bronco II mounts?

    I didn't think it would work but I figured I would ask you guys before I failed myself LOL. Thanks for the help.
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    Will a 1988 turbo coupe trans match the 1988 Bronco II mounts?

    Hey guys, I was planning on switching my 88 BII's auto to a manual trans. My friend has a 1988 ford T-bird turbo coupe with a 5 speed. I was wondering if the turbo coupes trans would match up with my B2's engine and drive shaft. The turbo coupe is a 2.3 4 cylinder and my B2 is a 2.9 v6. Please...
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    88 BII Hard Start When Engine is Warm

    Hey guys, I have a 1988 Bronco II that has a staring issue when the engine is warmed up and ran for about 10 Minutes. The engine will start when warm but I need to give it a little gas and extra cranking time for it to kick over. Now when its been siting all night and I start it in the morning...
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    1988 Bronco II Auto-Manual Trans swap

    Thanks for the information guys, it is greatly appreciated! i actually have another problem and i was wondering if any of you guys here knew how to fix it? Okay so the drivers side front wheel will not spin at all, even with the truck in drive. BUT it frees up in revers and will spin as normal...
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    1988 Bronco II Auto-Manual Trans swap

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and I was wondering what I would need to do a trans swap on a 1988 Ford Bronco II. It has an Automatic in it now and personally I like the manuals better. I was wondering if any of you guys tried the same thing. Thanks for looking and helping! Tony