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  1. bronco2fan

    All interior lights not working

    Disconnect negative battery cable first. Put fuse back in, start checking for continuity at the furthest point. You may have to drop the headliner to ensure no wires are frayed or broke.
  2. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Bump for the parts. Also found a set of body mount bolts, washers and nuts from the James Duff 2-inch lift. 2 poly control arm bushings too. Also found some front axle 4x4 engagement twist. Don't remember the real name lol.
  3. bronco2fan

    Rear speakers for 87' Bronco II

    Try here All Car Speakers at Crutchfield
  4. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Still available
  5. bronco2fan

    Looking for value range for 85 Bronco II

    Front fenders aren't that bad to replace. Unless you just want to get rid of it. But for a 16 year old, let him drive it as is.
  6. bronco2fan

    Wanted Seat Foam

    You might call here and see what they say. If you're confident in your ability to repair them. Upholstery Foam: Sculpting, Pleating, & Sheets (yourautotrim.com)
  7. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Bump. Hate to toss them. Have a OEM Distributor too.
  8. bronco2fan

    What is the value.... in rough terms?

    Sorry dude, no pics, I don't think anyone would venture a guess based on just a description. Otherwise expect book value and low balls.
  9. bronco2fan

    1988 Bronco ii Fuel injection to carburetor

    Well, first off, what's an environmental control problem? What does the truck do or not do? Start and stall? No start? Idle badly? Explain the problem. Have you checked the Tech Library here or on the Ranger Station forum? Lots of good info in both.
  10. bronco2fan

    1988 Bronco ii Fuel injection to carburetor

    Not worth it. Cheaper to just replace EFI.
  11. bronco2fan

    4x4 relay

    You need to say what year, tranny, transfer case and any mods for the rig.
  12. bronco2fan

    Duraspark conversion on 1984 2.8...

    Check the Tech library. OEM feedback carb doesn't work unless you modify it.
  13. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    My Bump. Ok, how about free and recipient pays shipping lol.
  14. bronco2fan

    I caved...

    I'm glad you like the Bronco. But for me they're just too overpriced for what they have. Pretty sure 2 years from now they'll be tons of them on the market for half the price if not more. Good luck and post some pics .
  15. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Price negotiable plus shipping. Rebuilt about 6 years ago I think lol.
  16. bronco2fan

    OEM Feedback Carb/ Distributer

    Posted these on the Ranger forum too. Original Carb and Distributer (2.8) Swapped when I did the Duraspark conversion. Worked fine before I pulled them. Also have a set of valve covers, say Bronco powered by Ford (V8) Hope someone needs them or they go to recycle. Pics by request. 50 bucks...
  17. bronco2fan

    1990 bronco ii xlt 4x4 (REVISED)

    Dude, not to be that guy, but. 10,500 isn't realistic at all. That's more like the I really don't want to sell it price. Don't be surprised if you get no hits or really lowball offers, just saying. GLWS.
  18. bronco2fan

    $250 1988 Bii 'Field Find'

    Damn, No such luck around here. I'll take it off your hands if you'd like lol.
  19. bronco2fan

    Help - We can't find a part

    Are you sure that's off a 2.8 because I don't ever remember seeing that on mine. Post up a pic of the carb where it was. Give the year of the truck too. I have a complete carb sitting on my bench for reference.