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  1. syberdust

    New Guy here

    Nice ride! Could you provide a link to your Youtube channel? I could not find it, but would like to follow. Thanks!
  2. syberdust

    Liftgate Handle - I found the original, brand new!

    This is great news! Thanks for sharing the tip, Poco! So glad you found this gem!
  3. syberdust

    Seeking blue stripe paint decals - 1988 two-tone

    Thank you, Jerry! I did find the NOS blue paint stripes for the lower part of the body side, but not the upper. It was also recommended on another forum that I not use NOS stripes, due to the potential weak/lack of adhesive and they tend not to peel off cleanly any longer. May look for a 3M...
  4. syberdust

    Seeking blue stripe paint decals - 1988 two-tone

    Hi All, Am looking for help to find the paint stripe decals for my solid white 1988 B2. I'm adding the sky blue 2 tone to the mid sections of the sides and liftgate, but I can't find the stripe. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. syberdust

    Driver Seat Back Rotation

    Hi Folks, I have an "88 B2 XLT and looking for comparisons of others' seat back forward rotation angle. In my younger days, I ordered new from the factory, a 1990 model XLT and had no trouble fully rotating the driver seat forward to the steering wheel for entry and egress to rear seating...