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    No acceleration

    Any ideas why I wouldn't have any accerlation on the highway once in OD? I can put the pedal down and there is nothing. Even when I down shift to fourth there is a little but not much. Runs good other wise.
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    rear bumper

    would an aftermarket rear step bumper for a ranger fit on the bronco ll ? The parts guy said it should but could not confirm.
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    I have developed a water leak this winter with all the snow this winter. It is very small and I believe it coming from the gutter like tab of metal above the driver side door. Is there a permanent fix for this?
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    98 explorer front seats in b2

    would it be a bolt off bolt on with 98 explorer front seats into 89 b2?
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    4x4 switch

    hello , my brll is manual 4x4 & due to what I see as limited dash space for switches related to head lamps or a light bar, is possible to use the electronic 4x4 switches as light controls?
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    lock actuator

    Hello All, Would anyone be able to tell where I could locate R & L door lock actuators for '89 brll