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    Hey @Uncle Grump! I appreciate the info! My apologies for the late response. I ended up swapping out the FSU when it stranded me in downtown Littleton; thankfully, the access hole allowed me to swap out the FSU in literally 5 minutes. I kept an FSU and Fuel Pump (rail) in the truck at all...
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    Setup: It's an '88. 2.9L 5spd, fwd, I do have a performance ECU chip-pluggin-thingies from whose-its-called. I can grab the info if curious. Due to- reasons, there may or may not be a bypassed fuel cutoff sensor. Additional Info: Yeah, it's got the low pressure sending unit in the tank, and the...
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    Good morning hivemind! I followed your advice and performed the Fuel Sending Unit Access Panel route today in trying to diagnose a problem with my B2. -As you can see in the evidence supplied, you don't need much space to get to your sending unit. -I got away with cutting the panel directly...
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    '88 4.9l 5spd
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    '88 4.9l 5spd
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    86 Bronco II Quitting on Me!

    @Uncle Gump
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    Jet Performance PCM for the 2.9.. Has anyone used one?

    Sorry this took so long; there really is no excuse. The dashcam/gps thingy was bunk so I took this with my phone, maybe it can provide some comparison to what my BII with the performance chip runs like. Keep in mind, I am in Denver, with an 88 2.9L 5spd...
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    86 Bronco II Quitting on Me!

    Hello; I've resolved all my starting issues, and have had a good amount of time to confirm their success. Things I believe fixed the issue. 1) Crash sensor kill switch (passengers footwell) -- I just bypassed it entirely it would get hot and fail. 2) Other helpful things (optional) -new...
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    88B2 2.9L v6, w/"Jet Performance" brain-box chip enhancer.
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    To boldly go...
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    Jet Performance PCM for the 2.9.. Has anyone used one?

    I put a Jet Performance PCM on my '88 2.9L FI BII; SUPER easy to put in, way easier than my 150; I feel like it helped a lot by playing around with the timing. I used to have to crawl up this long hill by my house in second/third gear, and still be runnin out of chooch. I feel like it does...
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    Jet Performance PCM for the 2.9.. Has anyone used one?

    I know this is crazy old; but if anyone is still wonderin" I'll be putting one on an 88B2 and 96F150.