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  1. KELLY88

    The Deuce

    That's a great looking BII and really good pictures to go along with it. Nice work!
  2. KELLY88

    fu exploder

    Man that's cool.
  3. KELLY88

    Playing Frankenstein

    Are you swapping over the axles also?
  4. KELLY88

    Black Sheep

    Wow I just found this thread and read it the entire way through. All I have to say is that is an INCREDIBLE BII! Really nice work on it.
  5. KELLY88

    Not Another CTOR Build

    Man that is looking good:icon_thumby:
  6. KELLY88

    What's this??

  7. KELLY88

    Look at that roof!

    Thinking about making your own dome plexiglass roof?
  8. KELLY88

    Not Another CTOR Build

    Damn this truck is awesome. Congrats on the diff covers as well. Those are really nice.
  9. KELLY88

    Big Red MKII

    Man that is awesome. Can't wait to see how this thing will turn out. Are you building for any specific purpose like a rock crawler or mud bogger?
  10. KELLY88

    '86 Bronco II Eddie Bauer Restore.........

    The pics are a good thing, it's a lot easier to see what's going on then explaining it in detail. I've watched this rebuild from the beginning and it's awesome. Who cares what a couple pricks say. You've done a lot of good work and definitely have the right to be proud of it.