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  1. kunar

    exhaust manifolds

    Nope I don't think so, the 2.8 ones have goofy port spacing, right? The 2.9 ones are equally spaced.
  2. kunar

    93 m5od to 88 B2 clutch line?

    the best choice IMO would be a master, slave and line from a 91-92 ranger. im running an m50d from a 93 navajo in my 1st gen ranger, and thats the hydraulics im using. i did run a 93 slave and line with a 2nd gen master for a while, it worked but the slave crapped out once a year, every year for...
  3. kunar

    BII Eddie Bauer question

    hey, if its in otherwise good shape, and for a decent price, being 2wd wouldnt be a 'make it or break it' IMO. i mean, think about it, a d35 swap is inevitable anyways, so its really not any more work! :D
  4. kunar

    BII Eddie Bauer question

    if i remember right, yeah. pull the whole front axle and the dummy case and replace both with the 4wd parts. seems like the bracket for the passengers side beam needs to be taken off the frame and flipped to the other side or something like that. ive never even seen under the front end of a 2wd...
  5. kunar

    BII Eddie Bauer question

    even if it's 2wd, the swap to 4wd is fairly simple on b2's.
  6. kunar

    2.8L Power? Why is my rebuilt 2.8L so slow...

    cam timing would have been my first guess. have you checked compression?
  7. kunar

    Transfer Case Chain

    i agree the clunk is not in the tcase since the chain only drives the front. check your ujoints, slip joint and rear end.
  8. kunar

    wtf tranny

    sounds like you already figured out what you had before was an fm145, what you have now is an fm146. pretty sure they are interchangeable other than the length of drive shafts, so as long as you have a way to take care of that, you should be fine. both the fm145 and 146 use gear oil. hard to say...
  9. kunar

    Why Moved?

    Well i'm sorry i've upset you. As far as limiting your interaction to the B2 corral, it's just another forum on TRS. Same members, same info etc. This particular forum is "Bronco II & Explorer Specific" but there's nothing b2 specific about your belts, steering pump or steering gear, its all the...
  10. kunar

    Why Moved?

    I moved it. The engine swap isn't really "specific" to a b2, its no different than putting that engine in a 1st gen ranger. You should get some better input with the thread in the engine swaps forum. :icon_thumby:
  11. kunar

    88 Bronco II question

    specifically what size doesnt really matter, as long as it does the job. like adsm said, one goes to a vacuum port on the underside of the throttle body, the other goes to a vent on the fuel tank. both have hard lines in between, i would imagine you still have those...
  12. kunar

    d35 swap???

    this is one of those topics thats been discussed over and over and over. search, the answers are out there. either in the forums or in the tech library. if you use the "google custom search" at the top right of the page, it will search both.
  13. kunar

    Manual locking hubs

    take a look at this article, it shows the kind of info youre looking for. http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Dec%2005/offroad.htm
  14. kunar

    Anyone know if fuel regulator is the same on an 85 and 86

    you sure about that? AFAIK the 2.9 didnt get used till 86...
  15. kunar

    Anyone know if fuel regulator is the same on an 85 and 86

    youre already sitting in front of the computer, get on your favorite parts store website and look up part numbers for each... :icon_thumby:
  16. kunar

    Exhaust Kit

    you can get universal cats on ebay for about $50 each. if you wanna go a little oversized, you might start looking there. ive got a feeling youre gonna have to find the headers you want, find the cats you want and find an exhaust kit all separate, ive never seen anything from head to tailpipe...
  17. kunar

    84 Bronco ll exhaust

    if you wanna run without a cat, that's on you. as has been discussed in this thread already, its against federal law and against forum rules as well. not only that but there is no benefit at all over a properly functioning cat. do whatever you want, but dont discuss it here. oh, and this thread...
  18. kunar

    concerns about re-grinding camshaft

    adsm has a very unique flavor of humor. i havent decided if its good or if its bad, but (i think) its in good fun. don't take it personally.
  19. kunar

    Terrible shuddering noise when clutch is depressed

    Glad you figured it out, too bad the truck had to break in the process.
  20. kunar

    Terrible shuddering noise when clutch is depressed

    unless i mis-read, the complaint is a shutter or vibration while driving, accel or decel, clutch in or out. my first guess would be u-joints. they were probably on the way out before you parked it, but since it sat for a while, the needles had a chance to corrode a little and its showing...