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  1. Dusty_Ranger

    exploder help

    try searching for cam postion sensor
  2. Dusty_Ranger

    Removing front fenders on Bronco II

    the fenders dont have spot welds, the inner fenders do. for the fenders take a rachet and a few sockets 8mm-13mm, the bolts were the inner shroud mounts to the wheel well arch are stupid small ud be better off just cutting the plastic away inside the wheel wells
  3. Dusty_Ranger

    84 to 87 tranny swap

    i belive the slave cylinder will be differeent the 84 should be external and the 87 has an internal slave i dont know if that is interchangeable but other than that it should bolt up.... not sure if u will need the driveshaft from the donor or not though
  4. Dusty_Ranger

    31" and gearing??

    your gearing will be good and with the explorer coils and leaf you with be good
  5. Dusty_Ranger

    1988 BII Build

    dont use body lift for 31's do the dana35 upgeade with the adjustable cam bushings and run a spacer with extended radius arms u'll be much happier
  6. Dusty_Ranger

    1989 ranger frontend on an 1986 bronco II

    change out the core suport its easier in the long run... the fenders will fit exactly the same around the doors. honestly probably a days worth of work
  7. Dusty_Ranger

    re-attaching my BII roof, help

    make a setup like the fullsize bronco has and have it removeable
  8. Dusty_Ranger

    Can I swap the drivetrain from an 86 Bronco II into a 90 Bronco II???

    drive shafts should be the same and as far as the shifter linkages use the ones on the 90 for the tranny the t case should be ok tho
  9. Dusty_Ranger

    Can I swap the drivetrain from an 86 Bronco II into a 90 Bronco II???

    should be easy if any rhing looks different sensor wise just swap stuff from the 90 engine to the 86 engine may also want to swap the heads from the 90 engine to yours also because the 90 heads were less likly to crack
  10. Dusty_Ranger

    navajo to explorer front end

    grill and headlights and maybe the piece between the grill and bumper that runs fender to fender
  11. Dusty_Ranger

    Tired of the round lights!

    how much for a set and could u send them post office ? to southern bc?
  12. Dusty_Ranger

    Pro Street B2???

    is boggin really banned?
  13. Dusty_Ranger

    swaping a automatic bronco to a stanard transmission

    hey guy's i was wondering how hard it would be to swap a manual tranny out of a 88 for ranger 4x4 to a 87 bronco2 with automatic everything?