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  1. alwaysFlOoReD

    Bogging and loss of power when hot outside and other problems.

    Agree with uncle gump. I'm not sure if the 89 has 1 hi-pressure in-tank pump or if it has the 2 pump system; low pressure in-tank and high-pressure frame rail pump. I've had problems with every frame rail pump where the connectors attach under the rubber boot. The connectors become loose and...
  2. alwaysFlOoReD

    New Seats in 1990 B2

    You don't have mounting points for a 4-point harness. The factory seat-belts are plenty good enough if you're not racing. If you're racing then 4-point belts are not legal in any class of racing I know about, so save your money.
  3. alwaysFlOoReD

    1989 Bronco 2 engine swap

    You can use the whole drive train from the 97. The front axle (d-35) and rear axle (8.8") are upgrades. The engine, trans, and transfer case can be used. The computer from the 97 should be used if you use the auto trans, if you use the manual you will get a check engine light. The manual if its...
  4. alwaysFlOoReD

    Better cross bars for roof

    I've made rails and mounts for the gutter on my ranger. Its not too hard to do if you have a welder.
  5. alwaysFlOoReD

    Electrical Issue

    With the electrical working sporadically I would suspect a bad wire connection or corroded wire. Check all grounds. From battery to engine, bat to fender, bat to starter, engine to firewall, computer ground to body. Google " voltage drop test" and check your connections. A good battery will...
  6. alwaysFlOoReD

    towing 89 bronco 2

    Transmission in gear, manual transfer case in neutral. Electric transfer case has no selector for neutral.
  7. alwaysFlOoReD

    Frame/body mount repair

    I would do as Duffy reccomends too, weld in new metal. Some hardware or bolt supply store will have washers big enough to weld in.
  8. alwaysFlOoReD

    Front Bumper for 1990 Bronco II

    There is a difference in mounting between 1st and second gen b2. IIRC 83 to 86 and 87 to 90. Could be 88 to 90.... Edit; ok....89 to 90. The early ones mount directly to the front of a round frame rail, the later have arms that mount to the side of the frame rail.
  9. alwaysFlOoReD

    Pics of bronco 2 without lift but bigger tires?

    What gear ratio are you running?
  10. alwaysFlOoReD

    Front Bumper for 1990 Bronco II

    I can't help on the bumper, but that ride of yours is really sweet!
  11. alwaysFlOoReD

    D28 Axle Pivot & Radius Arm Hardware?

    Nice write up. @Jim Oaks
  12. alwaysFlOoReD

    Cooling system problems....

    If you do any water crossings the electric with a temperature switch and manual on/off switch in the cab. The old style flex fan will rob some power.
  13. alwaysFlOoReD

    D28 Axle Pivot & Radius Arm Hardware?

    I've work on the automatic hub once about 10 years ago. Use a rare earth magnet to pull the key out. I ruined the hubs because I didn't know what I was doing then. As long as your in there a lot of people forget the inner axle bearing and seal. It for the axle shaft....also check the knuckle to...
  14. alwaysFlOoReD

    D28 Axle Pivot & Radius Arm Hardware?

    A little late now... I used 1/2" bolts when I replaced the brackets on my truck. I wanted the hole to be exactly the same size as the shank of the bolt and to also center the holes if the frame and bracket. When the original factory holes were punched the holes didn't line up exactly because...
  15. alwaysFlOoReD

    A4ld flushing..........

    Thanks for the post. Great idea.
  16. alwaysFlOoReD

    89 bronco ll idle racing

    Maybe IAC (idle air control) is sticking.
  17. alwaysFlOoReD

    what is it

  18. alwaysFlOoReD

    85 2.8 Backfires through Carburator won’t idle?

    I've never worked on the 2.8. All my carb experience is on big block ford v8 and that was all 30+ years ago. That said, what I keep hearing recommended is to do a carb swap to a 2150 carb and change the ignition to a duraspark. I'm pretty sure there is something in the tech section. I'm on my...
  19. alwaysFlOoReD

    85 2.8 Backfires through Carburator won’t idle?

    Backfires thru carb means its running lean. Check all vacuum lines for leaks and make sure the carb is bolted down firmly. Have you done any work on it? What's the history of it?