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    Lift Kit

    Other options are Rough Country and BDS. Using a 3" lift, you should be able to fit a wheel and tire package in 33" size. Right now, my rig has a 2" body lift only but I'm planning to install a skyjacker or rough country lift kit.
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    Jeep bumpers on Bronco II

    I think it is doable but you have to do some modifications.
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    1987 Ford Bronco 2 Currently Known as The Crazy Train

    Check the link he posted. It says that the window has been fixed already.
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    Shades of Tan?

    I was told before that the interior color is medium mocha.
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    89 BII Vibration

    Had the same vibration problem and it was because of a bad pinion yoke.
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    Ford’s Bronco R race prototype debuts in the desert

    That's a well-modified Bronco! Like it!
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    Bronco 2 88 to 89 interior + rear quarter panel repair

    The quarter panel looks great. You did an awesome job!
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    ranger springs

    Don't have, but I know you can use Explorer springs.
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    Power Steering Pump Pulley

    Don't forget to check out rockauto. They have a huge assortment of replacement parts.
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    Left for Dead and Brought back to Life

    Awesome! I must say that you did a good job in bringing it back to life.
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    Rear quarter glass replacement, HELP!

    I got mine from a local junkyard.
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    Recommendations for Nerf Bars/Hood Deflector for 1989 Bronco II

    Old thread, but I just want to say that Carr hoop steps are pretty solid. They are made of cast aluminum. I'm a 227-pound guy and I can confidently put all my weight on them. I bought these steps at 4wheelonline because I don't like the look of running boards.
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    Anyone ever run 255 70 15s on stock B2

    I'm running 235/75/15's and there's little rubbing maybe because my wheels have a negative offset. In the future, my plan is to lift my rig and then add some 33 inch tires and possibly put a D35.
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    1989 BII w/ 1994 Explore Dashboard

    Looks great. Post some pics once you're done installing it.
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    1990 B2 4.0 swap

    Try to visit broncograveyard. They have technical diagrams for the Bronco's.
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    Painting dash?

    Late reply, but I recommend Eastwood. They have some good interior paints.
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    1984 Bronco II resurrection

    Any progress about your Bronco? By the way, you have a nice car!
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    weekend camping and wheeling

    Great pics especially the flex shot.
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    Bronco 2

    You can use Explorer leaf springs.
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    Updated Stereo For Bronco 2

    If who want a classic style radio, check out retromanufacturing.