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    Howdy b2 community. This is one of my first posts but I've picked up a ton of stuff. I have an 86 B2 with auto hubs (replaced), power windows, locks, lumbar (replaced original seats with 02 Explorer but kept the lumbar system), and 4WD. The paint code off the VIN has two colors - codes 1D and...
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    Picked up a set of 2002 (like new) explorer seats from the junkyard today - swapped the rails and they bolted right in. The passenger seat is a direct swap but the driver seat requires tapping a set of already-placed holes. Now the only problem is that my B2 seats had a lumbar bag and I’m...
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    Auto hubs and guts

    Set of auto hubs and cam sets for sale off of my 86 b2 with d28. I had a cracked bearing adjustment nut on one side (other one included) and switched to auto hubs. Make an offer.
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    Auto hubs, manual guts

    So I've given up on the auto hub bearing locking adjustment spindle nut thing and have already ordered a mile marker conversion kit (I don't do off-road very often with it) with an Evan Fischer manual hub set. The hub won't be in until after the new spindle lock nut assembly shows up; can I use...
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    Transmission drop write-up?

    I have a Haynes, but it's not helping me much. I'm not sure where all of these bolts are that I'm supposed to be pulling out. I need to change my rear main but the whole "Transmission" thing is getting in the way. I have an 86 B2 XLT with A4LD and push-button 4WD. Any advice would be...
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    ‘86 Auto hub help

    Ladies and gents, This is my first post and it is in desperation. I have an ‘86 B2 with the monster 2.9 that everybody envies. I had a front wheel wobble (among other things) and found the spindle bearing adjustment nut cracked on my auto hubs. I can’t find a part to replace it but need to get...