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  1. J

    Help me pick out a Muffler

    http://www.jcwhitney.com/CHERRY-BOMB-HIGH-PERFORMANCE-GLASS-PACK-MUFFLERS/GP_2006458_N_111+1986+200728632+600001787_10101.jcw I don't know what one to put on. My muff was rattling and had a bunch of holes in the pipe so I cut it off just after the cat. I welded a two foot pipe at an angle to...
  2. J

    Installing Aftermarket Speakers 1986 BII

    I didn't see anything on how this was supposed to be done so if anyone else is wondering... Read all instructions and view all pictures carefully before starting This should give you an idea of what needs to be done to install speakers in your truck. 1986 and similar years (someone tell me...